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This Orthopedic Shoe Looks Cool and Feels Even Better

dr weil rhythm shoeRemember how I mentioned that the universe sometimes sends me the things I need? Here’s another example of that. I texted Jenn one morning after taking a super long walk with the kids the day before, commenting that I thought I had gotten an injury walking. Yep. My foot was hurting, and one of my ankles was bothering me. From walking too far. Getting back into shape after a hiatus is truly a humbling experience,  you guys.

What felt like the next day, I got the Dr. Weil Rhythm Walker shoes in the mail. Now, when you think “orthopedic shoes,” I’m sure the word “cool” doesn’t come to mind. And you’re probably thinking you don’t want a shoe that makes you feel frumpy. But I swear, these shoes look cool, especially the dark gray version (seen left). I walked in them, ran errands in them, took Zumba in them and not once did I feel like a dork, which is saying something because I actually am a dork. They actually look almost black, and truly do rival any other athletic shoe in the look department.

The big selling point of these shoes is that they’re supposed to treat the cause of pain, as well as prevent it. It has a built-in orthotic, designed from eco-friendly charcoal and bamboo, that is designed to change the way you move and walk by restoring your natural footprint. Although lightweight, the Rhythm also has all the biomechanically correct features built in for pain-free walking. These are big claims, and that, combined with the big price tag of $119.95, had my expectations sky high.

dr weil rhythm shoe

Told you they don’t look orthopedic!

And my expectations were totally met! When I first put the Rhythm shoes on, I could tell they felt different than other athletic shoes. They felt softer, spongier—but they also felt slightly funny in the heel, like an insert was in the shoe to help align my foot properly. I’ve since gotten so used to the feel of them that I’m having a hard time describing what they felt like the first time I wore them. Now I just feel the awesome support in both my heel and the arch of my foot.

I’ve tested these shoes out good. I’ve walked miles and miles in NYC wearing them; I’ve gone on walks to the park and done exercise classes wearing them. They truly are the most comfortable shoe, maybe ever. You’d think a doctor designed them or something. If you’ve ever had foot pain you’d like to help out—or even if you just walk a lot—I give these my wholehearted approval.

Do you walk a ton? Do you invest in good shoes? —Erin


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