What I Ate for a Day: A Totally Typical Day

In celebration of our first-ever Fit Bottomed Eats Week, each FBG is blogging about what she ate for a day. Join along on all of our culinary adventures—or lack thereof—here!

I’m glad Jenn showed you all some exciting eats because my day seems just a tad boring in comparison. However, it is totally typical of my everyday eats—and a quick search of the archives will, in fact, bring up most of the items on the menu, so at least you know I’m keepin’ it realzies.

My mornings often start out the same way: cereal, fruit, sometimes OJ and always coffee. This morning in question started out with Cheerios, a liberal amount of strawberries and coffee in a pug cup, with fat-free hazelnut creamer. I would have had two cups of coffee, but the morning got busy and I just didn’t have time.

cheerios strawberries
I like a few Cheerios with my strawberries.

I should probably have more protein in the mornings, but my morning taste buds are pretty particular. Not to mention, I never like to cook, so cooking in the morning is a marriage of my two least favorite things. Maybe I should start hard-boiling eggs more often the night before…

Lunch on this Sunday was a sandwich and a handful of Lay’s Kettle Cooked barbecue chips. The sandwich was a couple of slices of turkey on whole-grain Arnold bread, a slice of provolone cheese, a smear of hummus, some sliced avocado and horseradish mustard.

Avocado goes quickly in our house.

A couple hours later, my stomach was grumbling for a snackaroo, so I tried to see how many cherries I could get to fit in this little serving dish. I shared a few with my daughter but ate all of these and could have gone back for more.

How many cherries can fit in this dish before it gets ridiculous?

Then, it was time to hit the pool. So we went out on a hot, sunny, humid day. By the time we were done splashing around with the little kiddo, my husband and I were both starving. It was 4:30 p.m. Instead of hitting up the pool snack bar, we high-tailed it to our neighborhood Chipotle, where everyone knows our name. Not really, but I feel like they should. We grabbed a way-early-bird dinner.

I never tire of Chipotle. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I’ve been going vegetarian a lot with my Chipotle lately, but on this particularly ravenous day, I went with barbacoa, brown rice, extra veggies, mild and corn salsa, cheese and lettuce. Sour cream on the side so that I could add just a dab (their version of “light on sour cream” is way different than mine), and I shared the guac with my hubby. I also always add a dab of the green Tabasco sauce. To die for.

Then, as I sat down to write this, I had a couple of cookies and milk calling my name. Who was I to ignore them?

cookies milk
Yes, they're in a coffee filter. I'm high class like that.

And there you have it, a look at one of my average days of eating. It’s not perfect, but perfect is no fun!

Do you have any weaknesses? Eat the same meals over and over and over? —Erin


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  1. I hear ya on chipotle- I never tire of it. There are plenty of options- and whose to ever say no to a bowl full of veggies salsa and rice… So good!! Mexican food in general is a huge weakness of mine.

  2. How do you not get starving before lunch w/out eating any protein!? I LOVE cereal, but it just DOES NOT cut it for breakfast. I have to have a very protein heavy breakfast to keep me satisfied until lunch — and I still have to have an apple by 11 AM.

    I wish I had a Chipotle near me! We have Qdoba, but in my opinion it isn’t as good and even that is about 15 minutes away. SIGH.

  3. Kait – Glad I’m not the only one!

    Kristy – Funny because I DO sometimes get super hungry before lunch…and have lunch at like 11! Many days I’ll eat lunch early and end up having a few crackers with peanut butter or string cheese in the afternoon for a snack, but my mornings are just so busy I don’t snack. Maybe the second cup of coffee is what tides me over?? Ha!

  4. I usually don’t get much protein at breakfast either (shhhh!) but if you don’t like cooking, have you tried microwaving eggs? I didn’t even realize you could do this until a year or two ago, but it just takes a minute or two. Then just plop on an English muffin, maybe add some canadian bacon, and some fruit on the side. There’s no real cooking there, just assembling and a minute of microwaving.

    I love Chipotle but I don’t go more than every couple weeks – I write down everything I eat and I kind of just don’t trust them to actually stick to the proportions the Chipotle nutrition info is based on! At least, I don’t trust them enough to go every day.

  5. Pretty much I eat the EXACT same meals every day… with maybe a TINY variation of my protein at lunch and dinner, but not much! HA HA! I am completely obsessed with spaghetti squash!!!!!! Oh and butternut squash too!

  6. I also don’t have a much of protein in my breakfast. I’m good with a cup of coffee, bread and fruits. Is this meal of my mine already enough in breakfast time?Any suggestion what will be added so I may get nutritious food.