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6 Ways to Feel Confident in Your Swimsuit

Have you ever felt happy and free on the beach? Where you could simply stand there—half-naked in your swimsuit—and feel not only comfortable but also confident? Where every time you move, you weren’t trying to cover up your “problem areas” or sucking your stomach in? Or, worst of all, you weren’t scanning the beach crowd to see how you stack up to all of the other beach beauties sunning themselves? Yeah, not many of us can rock a swimsuit without some serious unhealthy mental chatter.

Oftentimes we do it without realizing it. We’re bombarded with so many images of women who are “beautiful” in magazines that we think we have to live up to that perfect ideal in order to be worthy of self-love. But, that’s total hooey. And, honestly, sometimes we just have to call BS on our own thoughts. Because no matter what size or shape you are, you can feel good in your own skin. It just takes some practice and some serious self-lovin’. Read on for our best tips on how to feel confident in your swimsuit this summer!

6 Tips on How to Feel Confident in Your Swimsuit

1. Stop the comparison trap. Let’s face it, unless you’re going to the Olympics, you’re probably not the “best in the world” at anything. And that’s okay. This weird quest many of us have to have the perfect abs or legs like Jennifer Aniston’s is doing nothing but making us miss out on embracing the unique beauty that we each have. Why waste your time comparing yourself to others or worrying about how you stack up to those around you? Run your own race. Don’t look to others to give you validation. Define your beauty and your success for yourself—after all, the one thing you are best at is being YOU. Read more on that tricky comparison trap here!

2. Practice unconditional self-love. Unless you’re a graduate of FBG Life, you’re probably not totally aware of the chatter that goes on in your brain. You know, the stuff that says “You’re too fat to wear that,” or “You’ll never lose the weight. You don’t have the self control.” Our inner dialogue has a huge effect on our confidence. So start paying attention to what yours is saying. If it’s being a hater, take note, and try to replace every negative thought with three things you like about yourself and your body. Which leads us to our next tip on how to feel confident in your swimsuit…

3. Write down what you love about yourself. Each day, take five minutes out to repair your relationship with yourself. (It is the most important one, after all!) Write down at least five things that you have goin’ on. From physical attributes like beautiful eyes and strong calves to personality traits that rock like being a good friend and having a kind heart, believe me, you can find much, much more than five a day. And if you get stuck, think of what a loved one would say about you! (Sometimes, I like to think about what my dog would say about me—don’t be afraid to make it silly!)

4. Get strong. Getting active and lifting weights is a huge confidence booster. So find an activity you love to do, set goals for yourself, and do it. Not only does that help you to boost your self worth, but when you’re moving regularly, you are more in touch with your body and are much more appreciative of what it can do.

5. Be a role model. As women, we have a responability (at least I think so!) to the next generation. So whether you have a daughter, a niece or another young girl in your life (or even if you don’t, believe me, at the beach and pool, little girls have a keen eye!), be a role model for her. Through what you say and how you act, teach her that real woman of all sizes and shapes are beautiful. Don’t complain about this or that on your body; strut what you’ve got and show her that confidence is the No. 1 factor when it comes to real beauty.

6. Laugh. It’s hard to be down on yourself when you’re cracking up. So try to have as much fun as you can. When you’re in your swimsuit, turn on the tunes that make you feel good, splash around in the water, try a new sport or game and just have a good time. Confidence is beautiful—and confidence plus happiness makes you simply radiant.

So tell us, how confident do you feel in your swimsuit? How do you tap into your true beauty within? Jenn



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  1. Michaela says:

    I’m so glad that this post focuses on what’s going on inside our heads instead of what crazy workouts we can do or diets we can temporarily go on. Number one is a biggie. I’m not really sure why we women “like” to compare ourselves to others because it’s never pretty. We either “win” because we falsely place ourselves above another and play a middle school game of “I’m better than you!” or we “lose” because we see ourselves as “less than”. This goes hand in hand with choosing to unconditionally love ourselves and others and want everyone to win and be valued for who they are.

  2. Tam says:

    All of my life, even as a kid, I didn’t think a bikini swimsuit was suited for me. I thought all I could wear were one-piece swimsuits. One day, I was walking through a department store and saw the most perfect black bikini on sale. I purchased it on the spot. However, it took me 2 years to actually wear it! For some reason, I still didn’t feel ready to wear it. I had that ‘if only I could lose 5-10 more pounds’ syndrome. Then, one day, a guy I met wanted to take me out on his boat. Of course, I reached for the one piece. I put it on yet it just didn’t look good to me or flatter my body. I thought, “Let’s just see how the black bikini looks.” I tried it on, and Wow! In that moment, I loved my body. My regular workouts and portion control were paying off in more ways than I realized. In that moment,I realized we as women are so hard on ourselves. Even though we are doing what it takes to reach our goals, for some reason, we still feel like we don’t measure up. From that moment, I decided to enjoy my life right where I am right now before it passes my by. It has been challenging to change that mindset, but I try to remain conscious of it when my mind drifts to that old mentality.

  3. Jenn, you rock! This post is awesome… I especially like #5 – so true!!!!!!!!!! I don’t have enough exclamation marks to express my agreement 🙂

  4. Louisa says:

    Many of customers share with me they feel uncomfortable when it comes to wear a swimsuit or bikini. This article is great and i will print it out for them.

    I usually suggest to “Start with Something that Makes you Feel Comfortable”


  5. Rachel says:

    Most importantly is the next generation of girls!!!!

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