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Cushion for the Car: The Owie Pillow

Kate Kordus previously shared proof that pregnancy brain is real. Now she shares her review of the Owie Pillow, which promises to cushion that belly in the car. And just in the nick of time—she had her baby soon after she tried it out! owie pregnancy pillow

When I first learned of a pregnancy pillow specifically designed for road trips, I was SO excited! I had an eight-plus hour drive to Michigan ahead of me, I was seven months pregnant, and I welcomed anything to make my trip easier.

First of all, the size of the Owie Pillow is perfect. It doesn’t take up a lot of room in the car and can be stowed easily if you don’t want to use it. It is really easy to use and attached to my seat belt within seconds. For me, the best part about it was using it as a back pillow for travel. When my lower back hurt, I could position it horizontally near the bottom of my back. When my mid and upper back ached, I turned it vertically, and it made the pain go away. It really did help make the trip easier.

Unfortunately, there were some downsides to the Owie Pillow though. First, I didn’t care for the sparkly fabric. It was a little cheesy, but more importantly, some of the little shiny dots fell off, and I am still finding them in my car. Second, while I enjoyed it for my back, it’s actually made for the belly—and while it wasn’t uncomfortable to use, it didn’t really add a ton of comfort. Maybe that’s because the lap belt doesn’t really bother me or my belly as is, but I thought it was a little inconvenient to have a pillow on my lap, so I would rather just have a seat belt.

The biggest drawback? The price. I know pregnancy-specific products are always more expensive, but $34.99 was way higher than I thought. I would have guessed $12.99, MAYBE $14.99, if I add in the pregnancy factor.

Overall, the Owie Pillow did make my trip better. I definitely used it for the majority of the trip, but for my back, not my stomach. And while I did like it because it relieved my back pain, I wouldn’t pay $34.99 for it—I’d probably just buy a cheap pillow from Target and call it a day. —Kate

I swore by my Snoogle pillow for sleeping during pregnancy, but I never used anything in the car. Do you experience seat-belt discomfort? Find a product that helped? —Erin 


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