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Fit Bottomed Mama of the Year: Laila Ali

laila ali

Credit: Matt Peyton/Invision/AP Images

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Every mom deserves kudos. But only the most kick-butt mama can earn the Fit Bottomed Mama of the Year title. Last year it was Alison Sweeney, who champions health and fitness as host of The Biggest Loser and who wrote the awesome and relatable The Mommy Diet. This year? Who is more kick-butt than a world-champion athlete? And a mom who has literally kicked butt in the boxing ring? So without further ado, we present Fit Bottomed Mama of the Year, Laila Ali!

Laila is a busy mom to two kiddos and just completed the Aquaphor New York City Triathlon over the weekend. She partnered with Aquaphor (one of our fave products) to compete in the big event, and shares her training tips with us!

8 Training Tips from Laila Ali

laila ali triathlon

Credit: Matt Peyton/Invision/AP Images

1. Don’t train like a man. When it comes to nutrition, equipment and training, female triathletes have different needs than males. For instance, women need twice as much iron as men do. Thankfully there are lots of websites and books written specifically for women. Make getting the facts part of your training.

2. Strength in numbers. If you want to train with a group, consider women-only triathlon camps or finding local groups that are all female. You may find more support and inspiration from like-minded individuals.

3. Prevent chafing. I apply Aquaphor Healing Ointment on my feet prior to my runs in order to keep them from getting sore after running for miles.

4. Be flexible. Set a realistic training schedule that works for you. Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t always go as planned. Busy moms have to be flexible in all that we do because the kids always come first!

5. Keep skin smooth and soft. While training for the Aquaphor New York City Triathlon, I have been taking showers twice a day after workouts, so to keep my skin moisturized, I mix Aquaphor Healing Ointment with my lotions.

6. Make it a family affair. Find ways to get your work out in with the whole family. Use a jogging stroller to add resistance or have your kid time your laps. With a little creativity, you can turn quality time into a quality workout.

7. Soothe and heal damage from training outdoors. I have been spending a lot more time in the sun running, biking and swimming which has caused minor sunburn and dryness. Aquaphor has helped soothe my skin and help it heal faster.

8. Rise and shine! I like to do my workouts first thing in the morning. I have found that if I don’t get them done early, I get busy with everything else I have to do and have no energy left.

Great tips! Congrats to Laila for kicking that tri’s butt. It’s so inspiring to see busy women set big goals and achieve them!

Have you ever trained for a big race while balancing family? What tips would you share? —Erin

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