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Head-to-Head Taste-Off: Luna Fiber vs. ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple

Today’s head-to-head taste-off pits the new Luna Fiber bars against Perfectly Simply by ZonePerfect. They both have their pros, their cons…but one will be determined the winner!

luna fiber barsLuna Fiber Bars

We have a long history of loving on Luna. And we’ve even given their protein bars a Noshie before, so when they asked us to try the new Luna Fiber bars, we were ready to bite right in. And bite we did. With a whopping seven grams of fiber per bar, these bars satisfy more than your usual on-the-go granola bar. Available in Peanut Butter Strawberry, Chocolate Raspberry and Vanilla Blueberry, you get some free flavor combos that each have about 120 calories and the four core vitamins and minerals us ladies tend to lack most: calcium, iron, folic acid and vitamin D.

These kind of reminded me of a Nutri-Grain bar, in that they have that cereal outer coating and a fruity middle. Despite this hilarious commercial, I’m not a huge fan of Nutri-Grain bars. I think they’re too sweet, and I wish they had more protein. Which, sadly, is what I thought of these Luna Fiber bars, too. (Luna Fiber bars have about 11 grams of sugar and only two grams of protein per bar.) Sure, they’re not quite as sweet as Nutri-Grain bars and they do have more unique and fun flavors, but I still wasn’t a huge fan. If you’re going to try one though, Chocolate Raspberry was by far my favorite and the most tasty. Instead of a plain cereal crust, it has a chocolate crust and gooey raspberries on the inside. It’s dessert-worthy…


zoneperfect barsPerfectly Simple by ZonePerfect

When it comes to snacks and bars, I like simple. And I’m a huge fan of the Zone way of eating where you balance your protein, fat and carbs, so Perfectly Simple by ZonePerfect? Well, when they sent us a a few to try, I had high, high hopes. With a super small ingredient list and 10 grams of protein per bar, I already liked these—it really just came down to taste.

And taste good, they do. The Peanut Crunch and Cranberry & Almond were delicious—kind of like a mix between a protein bar and a Larabar. And the Toasted Coconut flavor? Consider me obsessed. I love all things coconut, and this flavor is freakin’ delicious. You totally taste and get the texture of coconut—love it! It feels so decadent and is super filling. The only downside to these is that they have 200 calories—almost double what Luna Fiber has. So, these are definitely a heartier snack, but they’re also more likely to happily fill up your belly for a couple of hours, in my opinion.

So who wins this head-to-head taste-off? Despite having more calories, this one goes to Perfectly Simple by ZonePerfect. While the Luna Fiber Chocolate Raspberry bar gave it a run for its money in the flavor-department, Perfectly Simple’s short ingredient list, protein and—I’ll be totally transparent here—use of coconut gave it the edge!

Have you tried either of these bars? Care to disagree? Or agree? Let’s duke it out! Nicely, of course. —Jenn


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  1. I am absolutely obsessed with Zone bars. I eat one daily mid-morning after my workout and before lunch. I have tried dozens of bars and I like theses for their low sugar and high protein. Can’t wait to try the Perfectly Simple!

  2. Carlie says:

    I have to tell you, I love my Luna bars!!

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