Taking Your Morning Cup of Joe to the Next Healthy—and Chocolaty—Level

It’s no secret that I love me some coffee. But seeing that we’re all up into health in these parts, when we heard about these two new twists on java that promise a healthy cup of Joe, we were ready to start sipping. Okay, to be honest, they really had us at “chocolate.” Read on to see if the healthy coffee marketing lives up to the hype!

healthy coffeeLiving Java Innergy Blend

What do you get when you mix the deliciousness of coffee with superfoods? You get a big cup of antioxidant-filled awesome, called Living Java Innergy Blend (about $12 for 12 ounces). Starting with premium coffees from Central and South America, the company adds in natural cacao (also known as chocolate beans), matcha green tea and honeybush. The mix is said to be amazingly good for you, smooth and not bitter to the taste, and provide better energy, clarity and focus than a regular cup of coffee.

I tried both the medium and dark roasts, and while it does taste different than my usual blend of coffee, I liked it. It wasn’t quite as rich and smooth, but it has a nice coffee-y flavor with a nice chocolate finish, and you do feel good after you drink it. I’m not one who ever really “crashes” after having a cup or two of Joe, but I if I have too much, I can get jittery. And even after drinking more than my fair share of this stuff (one Saturday morning I had three cups; I usually call it quits at two), I didn’t get that same crazy-spastic inside feeling. And, I’m not sure if it was a placebo effect or not, but I did find that it perked me up and helped me focus as much, if not more than, usual coffee. Plus, I felt really warm and fuzzy inside about having tea and chocolate with my coffee!

chocolate coffeeChoffy

For those who want to cut out coffee entirely from their diets (why, dude, why?), here’s yet another healthy coffee option. And really, you can’t really call it plain “coffee” at all because Choffy (about $20 for 12 ounces) is 100 percent premium cacao. All roasted, browned and ground, you brew this stuff just like you would coffee. And holy antioxidants! According to Choffy, an 8-ounce cup of the stuff has more antioxidants than two servings of blueberries, which are like the rock stars of the antioxidant world. Another healthy secret of this chocolate drink? It’s high in theobromine, which is like caffeine but isn’t, giving you an energy boost without the crash.

So how does it taste? Well, it’s like chocolate tea, just a little stronger. But don’t let that fact make you think I didn’t enjoy my Choffy. While I’m not ready to give up my daily cup of coffee yet, this is a nice change of pace and a fantastic way to beat a really strong dark-chocolate craving. It’s not sweet by any means, but it’s rich and hearty and bitter—in a good dark-chocolate way. I didn’t find it to give me quite the get-up and go as Innergy or regular coffee, but I actually kind of liked that because I enjoyed having a cup after dinner as dessert. And, again, I liked thinking about all the good antioxidants I was sipping on!

Have you ever tried a healthy coffee blend? Or chocolate “coffee?” Tell us! —Jenn

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  1. Debbie says:

    I love coffee and tea too but oddly enough not chocolate. I know, yes I am female! Always been a vanilla girl, but Choffy I might try, especially with the healthy antioxidants. Gads it’s expensive though, so maybe I’ll try a trial or sample at some point. I do buy mocha java beans sometimes and they smell heavenly. Thanks for the review.

  2. FBG Tish says:

    I have SUCH a hard time finding cacao and when I ask for it in stores people bring me cocoa powder. I want to pummel cocoa powder right now.