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Adventures in 10K Training


Credit: SashaW

As I’m training for a 10K, one of the biggest challenges besides, you know, the RUNNING, is fitting in the running. Because I’m going more for completion than any sort of record (you can’t break a personal record if you don’t have one!), my first couple of weeks of training runs have been fairly easy, with runs no longer than 2.5 miles. As easy as it should be to fit in two itty-bitty miles, my kids like to make it a challenge.

I was at the gym the other day, running on the treadmill. It’s not my favorite form of running, but the daycare makes the run possible, so to the treadmill I go because it’s better than nothing. I only had to run a couple of miles, but it was one of those runs that was just painful from the first footfall, and I just couldn’t get in a groove. Each tenth of a mile seemed like a mile itself. I almost walked a couple of times but decided to press on, as I never know when I’ll get called back to the gym’s child care center.

I was glad I pressed on. I made it to 1.5 miles before the oh-so-familiar voice came on the loudspeaker. “Attention members and guests…” And off I went to the child care center to pick up my 2-year-old daughter.

Because my son was still doing A-OK, my daughter and I headed to the pool. It’s kind of her reward for suffering through the torture that is 15 minutes of gym child care. So we swam and splashed and played for about 45 minutes. We were just wrapping up our fun in the sun when I see a daycare worker heading my direction. This was a new one.

“Hey…sorry to bother you, but he pooped…it’s all up his back.”

My kids are really good at pooping.

So my daughter and I scrambled as fast as we could to get dried off and rescue Poopy McGoo. I didn’t have an extra outfit for him, of course. So I earned another stamp on my Awesome Mom card by putting him in my daughter’s T-shirt, which was luckily blue, and having her wear one of her extra swim shirts I had in my bag.

I’m telling you, the daycare employees must absolutely love it when they see me coming.

With two little ones who need their mama frequently (by “frequently” I mean 24/7), I’m definitely glad this race is a 10K instead of a half marathon. The best part is that I can totally blame them if I run nowhere near my goal time on race day! I have no shame in that.

Have you ever trained for distance with kids? —Erin

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  1. Michelle says:

    This is my entire problem with exercise! Trying to workout at home, is a constant battle. If the kids are awake, its breaking up fights between the 9 and 4 yr old or removing the 17 mo. old from whatever he’s climbed up on in hopes he won’t kill or maim himself. If the kids are asleep (finally), it’s either I’m too beat to move, busy cleaning up dishes or doing laundry or if I actually do get going, its running to their rooms to stop one from crying before the others get woke up! I either have to try and fit it in early morning or on my lunch at work. Somedays I’m not able to do either. Which is part of the reason I’m still struggling with my weight!

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