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Arctic Zero Review: Possibly the Best Ice Cream Ever Invented

arctic zero ice cream

You know when things sound too good to be true? Well, that’s pretty much what Arctic Zero was for me. This new ice cream boosts nutritionals that are just 150 calories, 14 grams of whey protein and 8 grams of fiber—per pint. Pint, people. Like sit down and eat the whole pint for 150 calories. I mean, no way that could really taste good or not be filled with chemicals, right? Wrong.

Arctic Zero may not be creamy, but it’s a sweet treat that lives up to the hype. And I would know. I tried every flavor offered in a pint, plus the bars. (You know, hard work.) When I got these in the mail a few weeks back, I tasted, and then scoured the Arctic Zero ingredients label to figure out exactly how these were only 150 calories a pint. The secret to its insanely low-calorie contents is monk fruit. Hmmm…how have I not heard of such a thing? So I hit up Google. Monk fruit is a natural sweetener from China and, I’d expect it to get super popular, super soon. (In fact, we plan to review Nectresse, which is made from monk fruit, soon.) I expect it’ll be the new stevia, and maybe even bigger since it doesn’t have that bitter aftertaste. So, yeah, it’s a BFD.

Strawberry was our favorite flavor in the Arctic Zero Bars.

Arctic Zero comes in a bunch of different flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate Cookie, Vanilla Maple, Cookies & Cream, Coffee, Strawberry, and Pumpkin Spice. All of them are delicious, but they do have a slightly different texture than most ice cream. In fact, they’re more like a frosty malt than something from Baskin Robbins, and they’re not as smooth and airy as fro-yo. But if texture isn’t a deal-breaker for you (it wasn’t for me!), you will love these. Pumpkin Spice (if you love pumpkin spice lattes, you’ll dig this one for sure) and Strawberry were my favorite flavors, with Coffee and Vanilla Maple taking third and fourth. With that said, I wouldn’t turn down a pint of any of them if I was craving something sweet.

The bars—which are chocolate-coated and come in Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Orange Cream—are also really delicious (love the chocolate coating), although with 85 calories a bar, I’d probably prefer just to sit down and eat half a pint. Although they are a nice change of pace and are perfectly portion-controlled. (Because even though you can eat the whole pint for 150 calories that doesn’t mean your belly needs all that to feel full, ya know?)

Besides the sane ingredient list and monk fruit, I’m a huge fan of the whey protein in these. While there are 20 grams of sugar in a pint, the protein and fiber helps to offset that and actually keep you full. The added fiber comes from chicory root, which can give some people issues if they’re not used to eating it, so maybe eat just a quarter or half the pint the first time you try these to avoid GI distress. ‘Cause ice cream is awesome, but gas and bloating is not.

You can get these at tons of grocery stores and even on Amazon. If you have a sweet tooth and have been struggling to find something to satisfy it without derailing your healthy lifestyle, this just might be it. So, too good to be true? For once, we can say not so! —Jenn


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