From the The Joy Fit Club: Joy Bauer’s 10 Weight-Loss Rules

joy bauerAny time we share a weight-loss success story, readers love it. I think it’s part of the whole “hey, that person did it and so can I!” thing that’s so darn encouraging and inspiring, no matter what your goal is. We just love to hear how different people go about it because, let’s face it, not all fitness advice is one-size-fits-all. You have to do what works well for you, and find the activities and foods that bring you joy—not just do the stuff you know you “should” be doing but really dislike. For these reasons (and so much more), we really, really love Joy Bauer’s new book The Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan and Inspiration.

Based on her four-year series on TODAY that featured weight-loss success stories from across the country, this book profiles 30 men and women who have lost 100, 200 and even 300 pounds. You learn about their struggles, the steps they took to overcome them, the changes they made and how their lives have changed. You get to see what they ate before losing the weight, and then after. You also get a few of each person’s favorite healthy recipes from breakfast to dessert to everything in between. It’s super nicely done, and, again, goes to show that there is no be-all-end-all way to lose weight other than eating better and moving more—and there are so many ways to go about that!

In addition to the inspirational profiles, you also get Joy’s winning weight-loss rules. While everyone goes about it a different way, these are the basic things she has found have to be in place for true weight-loss success. And we’d tend to agree…

Winning Weight Loss Rules From The Joy Fit Club

  1. Get Your Head in the Game
  2. Track Your Progress
  3. Exercise Daily
  4. Eliminate the Extras
  5. Find a Support Network
  6. Eliminate Liquid Calories
  7. Get Comfortable in the Kitchen
  8. Avoid Trigger Foods
  9. Forgive Slip Ups
  10. Set Short- and Long-Term Goals

Sprinkled throughout the book and in between the weight-loss stories are Joy’s Words of Advice that explain everything from the problem with diet soda (it can actually intensify sweet cravings), how to read a nutritional label to how to splurge without going overboard. You also get some of her favorite recipes in the final Bonus Recipes section of book.

If you’re someone who gets motivated and charged up by reading about other people’s successes and/or if you’re a Joy Bauer fan (we are!), The Joy Fit Club is a book to pick up today! Tell us, has one person’s weight-loss ever inspired you? Who was it? —Jenn



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  1. Cheryl says:

    I love exercising, but as a good cook, do not love dieting, but someone (and I wish I could remember who) told me, that reshaping your body is sadly 30% exercise and 70% what you eat. How I wish the ratio was different, but alas I found this advice to be true.