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Kick Your Workout Up a Notch With Boxing Boot Camp and Boxer Jamie Clampitt

The boot-camp craze is not going away anytime soon, as its promise for quick results in a fun, fast-paced environment is really catching on with people. But now imagine that same boot-camp-style class with a bad-ass four-time world champion boxer. Then you will know what it is like to take a Boxing Boot Camp class presented recently by Empower Fitness—and the aforementioned world champion? That would be Jamie Clampitt of Striking Beauties, a women’s boxing gym based in North Attleboro, Mass.

Jamie led the Boxing Boot Camp event that I was lucky enough to attend, and not only is the woman fierce and powerful, but she also taught the class wearing weighted gloves while being five months pregnant! Jamie is expecting her second child, and her enthusiasm for helping women achieve their fitness goals was truly infectious.

After the class, Empower Fitness also sent me a DVD to try out and review for Fit Bottomed Girls, as readers can get a good dose of Boxing Boot Camp at home, too (the class I tried was a one-time event). The 12 Rounds Boxing Boot Camp, which is available in September, secretly terrifies me, but I still can’t wait to try. (Stay tuned for that review…) In the meantime, please enjoy my interview with Jamie. What an amazing woman!

Jamie Clampitt strikes a pose.

Interview With World Champion Boxer Jamie Clampitt

How did you get interested in boxing? That is a funny story. When I was 15, I stopped my gymnastics training after 12 years. I was bored and did not want to get out of shape and looked in the phone book for a new activity. I opened up the “Bs” and saw a number for a boxing gym.

My dad took me to the gym later that week, and I was hooked after the first workout. Little did I know that girls had just been given the right to box from the Canadian boxing association a few months earlier, and I became the second female registered in Canada!

How long did it take you to get to championship level in your sport? I was an amateur boxer for eight years and was a two-time national champion at that level. I turned pro in 2000 and won my first title in 2003 after putting in a lot of time and hard work.

What is your average workout like? These days it is pretty slow. I jog, do weights, practice yoga and hit the heavy bag.

When I was training I would run six days a week and the distance would vary depending on my evening workout. My evening workout would start with about 10 to 15 minutes on the jump rope, six to 10 rounds of shadow-boxing, followed by 10 rounds on the focus mitts and finish with some killer abdominal exercises.

You are currently five months pregnant. Do you find that there are any extra challenges to exercising in your condition? Yes! It is very tough for me not to go crazy. I have a hard time keeping my heart rate down, and I really love challenging workouts. The best thing for me is to just focus on the pregnancy and not to stress about how intensely I am working out. I am learning to enjoy the down time and know I will be very motivated to work out strenuously after I have my baby.

What is your favorite part of teaching Boxing Boot Camp? Well, first of all, we had a blast making this video. Everyone involved is amazing and the workout itself is so intense and technical.

Who are your fitness heros? This is a great question. I really respect all athletes. But as a coach, my heroes are the people that I train. I see the side of them that their friends and family may never see. They put their heart and soul into their training and overcome so many obstacles, which always pleasantly surprises me. I train many people that will never compete, but just learning how to do the speed bag means so much to them. Boxers and trainers have an amazing bond.

What do you always keep in your fridge/pantryWell, I’m a holistic health coach, so food is my passion—right next to boxing. I always have dates in my fridge before training. They are one of the best things that you can eat before a workout. They are nearly pure glucose and are easily digestible and give you tons of energy!

Any boxing fans out there? Can you do the speed bag? Ever heard of fueling up with dates before getting in the ring? Share your thoughts! —Margo

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