Pop Up This Healthy Popcorn, Stat!

quinn popcorn

Quinn Popcorn is as easy as pop, pour and sprinkle!

I go in waves with popcorn. Sometimes I have it all the time, then I’ll go months without even considering it as a snack option. But it’s game on again thanks to Quinn Popcorn.

I recently got three varieties of this yumminess to review, and despite a drawback here and there, this popcorn is tasty enough to recommend to you ladies, and put “stat” in the headline.

If regular grocery-store variety microwave popcorn makes you nervous because of ingredients you can’t pronounce, Quinn Popcorn has you covered. Using no  preservatives, hydrogenated oils or any other additives, every ingredient is non-GMO and it’s organic. Even the bag gets in on the fun. It’s made from paper, so there is no chemical coating or plastics, and it’s supposed to be naturally grease proof.

Because of all of the awesome ingredients used, the popcorn eater must be a little more hands-on, adding the oil and spices. But then you get to shake it all together, so it’s kind of fun to be more involved in the popcorn-flavor process. With three one-cup servings in a bag, this ‘corn is higher calorie than some (160 to 180 calories per serving), but sometimes it’s worth it to go full-on, am I right?

The pros, besides all of the benefits I mentioned above? The taste is great. I tried Lemon & Sea Salt, Parmesan & Rosemary, and Vermont Maple & Sea Salt. I thought lemon popcorn sounded a bit odd, but it was surprisingly good—tart and citrusy, yet salty. A flavor I wouldn’t have thought of in a million years. I liked the cheesiness of the parmesan variety, but my favorite by far was the Vermont Maple & Sea Salt. A tasty DIY version of kettle corn, I guarded the second bag with my life lest anyone get to it before I could. Sweet and salty, this one was the bomb dot com.

The drawbacks? I really had to experiment with popping time to get the maximum amount of kernels to pop before burning the whole bag. With traditional microwave popcorn, I stop it at almost three minutes. It took at least a full minute longer for Quinn Popcorn to pop in my microwave. So don’t be afraid if a full two minutes comes and goes before any kernels pop. The only other negative? Remember how I said the bag is “supposed to be” grease proof? Well, it wasn’t totally. I did have some oil leak out of the  bottom of the bag, but it was no big deal. I just had to head to the sink to shake and add my flavors.

Do the mystery ingredients on microwave popcorn give you pause? Love kettle corn like I do? —Erin

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