Reebok Review: ZigNano, RealFlex & CrossFit Gear

Months ago, I got to check out Reebok HQ first hand. And now, months later, I’m ready to report on a few of the pieces of gear I tested…and tested…and tested. In the last few months, I have worn all of this stuff here, there and everywhere, including walks, runs and CrossFit. So read on for my thoughts!

zignanoReebok ZigNano Fly II

Here’s a fun story I learned at Reebok HQ during my trip. The Reebok ZigTech design came about when designers were trying to create a toning shoe that burned more calories because of its uneven sole. They experimented with a zig-zag sole construction and, lo and behold, when tested, the pattern actually made runners faster and more efficient—instead of less. And there, folks, is when the ZigNano Fly II’s grooviness was born. This running shoe is light yet supportive and really does make you a better, faster runner because the sole acts almost as a forward spring, propelling you farther along with each foot strike.

The ZigTech sole is a bit less flexible than I’d like (you’ll see why in my review below), but once you get running, you pretty much forget about it. These also have a lower profile, so you’re closer to the ground for a firmer, more minimalistic ride. For $100, this running shoe is definitely one worth trying!

Reebok RealFlex Transition

I’ve been looking for the perfect CrossFit training shoe for awhile. While Reebok does make CrossFit-specific shoes, I wanted one that would work well for CrossFit and pretty much anything else that I threw at it, like a short run or a less intense boot camp. And the Reebok RealFlex Transition? Well, it’s perfection.

Super light and with a super bendy sole (yes, that’s a technical term), it’s made to move and give you the flexibility to change directions, jump, run and generally be awesome. The secret lies in the individual flex-friendly “nodes” on the soles. The “nodes” may seem gimmicky at first, but they’re the real deal. In the few months I’ve had these, I’ve practically worn them out, as often as I’ve worn them. At $100 a pair, I cannot recommend these shoes enough for CrossFit and cross-training. They are simply perfection. AND they come in bright, fun colors. Bonus.

Reebok XCF Racer Bra

I was also lucky enough to try a few pieces of Reebok’s CrossFit branded material. While the capris were good but nothing spectacular or unique, I simply adored the Reebok XCF Racer Bra. The thing I love about the whole Reebok CrossFit line is that it’s made for girls who do CrossFit! Girls who lift weights and may have a slightly broader chest because of it. Girls like me!

With thin straps that are cute yet stay in place and removable inner cups to keep your ta-tas in check if it gets chilly, it’s a brilliant sports bra. The bra’s racer-back design allows your shoulder blades freedom to move unrestricted, and although the bra is soft like cotton, it still keeps your skin dry and comfy. Coming in at $42, it’s a touch pricey, but a whole lot worth it. Did I mention I adore this bra?

Any other Reebok fans out there? CrossFitters who are looking for gear? Have you tried any of these? Would love to hear your thoughts! —Jenn


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