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Shoe Review: Teva Churn Evo

Teva Evo Churn, I think I love you. Credit: Teva

You know the Sex and the City episode where Carrie sees a pair of shoes in a shop window and says, “Hello, lover”? I may have said something similar to my most recent pair of shoes to review. But you can’t prove it.

I’m fairly outdoorsy—I always have been—and I don’t know how many Teva sandals I’ve owned in my life. I have two pairs in my closet right now (one for the pool or locker room shower, the other for kayaking or fishing or tubing down rivers with a tasty beverage), and though I knew Teva made other types of shoes, I’d never tried them out. Until they asked if I’d like to check out the Teva Churn Evo ($85), and I answered with an enthused and resounding, “Yes!”

Aside from the fact that this is a brand with which I’m familiar and comfortable, why was I so geeked? Not just because they’re cute (although they truly are), but, you guys, they are crazy light (only 7.8 oz.), but still feel like a proper sneaker in terms of support, comfort and coverage, which is a pretty awesome mix.

In addition to being lightweight, they can also be worn without socks and are totally water-friendly, which means they’re a great option for FBGs who travel; you can bring these for running (although I do wear socks for longer runs in them), hiking through waterlogged areas, whatever you need. To make them even easier to wear, they have a bungee lacing system that keeps them fitting snugly without requiring any tying of laces. Score!

And did I mention they’re cute? I mean, I’m not going to wear them for date night or anything, but they’ve become my go-to shoe when I need to get out the door quickly (which is pretty much all the time). If they weren’t a shoe (and I weren’t a married lady), I’d totally make out with them.

What makes a shoe a winner in your book? —Kristen

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  1. Vicki says:

    I like TEVA too. I have two pairs, one a pure water sandal and the other a pure dryland hiking sandal. Keens don’t fit my foot right. I also have a new Chaco’s sandal with the double straps & toe loop, that once I got used to it, is practical and comfy for everything, except maybe running, and looks nicer than the rest when wearing a casual dress/skirt.

  2. Lee says:

    I like TEVA, but I tried Keens for the first time this summer and its definitely a “Hello Lover” situation. I love the feel of the lighter weight shoes that seem to be available right now. I am a heavy heel striker, so cushioning is important to me. I may have to try these babies out.

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