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Training for a 10K: Taking Baby Steps

running a race

In October, I’ll be ready to run a 10K. Readyish. Credit: Stuart Grout

Awhile back, it looked like team FBG was going to get an opportunity to run a half marathon together in NYC. I had crazy ideas to train to run it. I could run 13.1 miles! Those optimistic thoughts must have been on a morning that I was extremely well rested because I was quite pleased (ecstatic, really) when the half marathon turned out to be a 10K. Now a 10K, I could really truly see myself doing—and enjoying as much as I can enjoy running.

The race is coming up in October, so I have roughly eight more weeks to train. I’ve been working out fairly steadily for a couple of months, so even though I haven’t run in awhile, I feel like I’ve bounced back from pregnancy fairly well. And I’m feeling strong. Heck, I can now do TEN push-ups in a row. Real push-ups! Not modified! I am a beast. Because I haven’t been running consistently, I’m taking my training very slowly. With the program I’m following, the longest training run is 5 miles.

Why am I doing this if I don’t love to run? First of all, I needed a goal. And I figured it would light a fire under my bum to really get back into a fitness routine and make it a priority. I’ve also done a short race before, and the group atmosphere at a run is energizing. Plus, after seeing my brother run the NYC marathon, I think it’ll super fun to run in the city.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve got a few goals for the race, the first of which is to remain injury free. This is the most important to me because being in pain sucks, and I want to be able to run on race day and not hurt myself training or on game day. Goal two? I’d love to be able to run the whole thing without stopping to walk. Goal three? The time is least important to me, but if I’m going to run the whole time I’d love to get it done in 62 minutes. Only time will tell as I log more training runs whether that goal is at all achievable for me, so I may adjust, but I think I’d feel pretty proud if I got in anywhere near that time.

How am I fitting in training? Yeah. It’s a good thing the first runs are short because I’m able to get them in on the treadmill at the gym before being called back to the child care center. And my hubby is taking over on weekends and even reminding me that I have to get my run in. Again, it helps that the distances I have to run aren’t terribly time-consuming, which is why I’m loving the 10K so far.

Have you trained for a 10K? I’d love to hear your tips! —Erin


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