Trying Designer Workout Apparel: Nancy Rose Performance

In the days before FBG, when I put on my “nice” fitness apparel, it meant that I was busting out my Target-purchased shorts and tank instead of that ratty 5K T-shirt that’s had a permanent place in my closet (and heart) since 1999. These days, I’m lucky enough to review some amazing pieces of apparel (and, well, once you sweat in ’em, they let you keep them) and since fitness is my job and something that makes me feel awesome, I have no problem in investing in apparel that supports what I do and, in some cases, improves my workouts. But say the words “designer workout apparel” and I get a bit shifty. Uncomfortable even. Designer clothes that you’re supposed to sweat in? Doesn’t that just seem…wrong? Or at the very least unnecessary, when there are so many well-made pieces out there that are so much less expensive?

In fact, over the years, we’ve turned down some review requests because we just didn’t think it was a fit with the audience. But then Nancy Rose Performance came along and there was something about it that just made me wonder: is it really that much better than the Target stuff? And, so, at long last, I succumbed to the designer workout apparel trend, and I tried it…

Basic Tank

Nancy Rose Performance has lots of really beautiful and fun pieces, but sometimes it’s best to just evaluate the basics, ya know? And you can’t get more basic than this tank. In fact, they named it Basic Tank. Made with a stretchy soft cotton, it gives you shape while also providing coverage. Love that. It’s super comfortable, looks cute with a bright sports bra underneath and has a longer length so you don’t have to worry about showing off your midriff. Oh, and it has a racerback, a style that I adore.

This tank goes for $40, which isn’t that unreasonable for a designer piece. And it does just have that luxiruos high-quality feel to it. It’s preshrunk so it fits the same after washing, and it has those really nice flat seams that you just don’t feel, which is key when you’re working out. While I probably wouldn’t do a really long run in this one, I do love wearing it for yoga, Pilates, Zumba and even CrossFit. It’s just a solid piece that feels darn good when you wear it. Heck, it’s cute enough to wear when you’re not working out!


Plank Crop

And then there’s the capris! I kind of think workout capris are a dime a dozen with every brand carrying them, but these Plank Crop Workout Pants are kind of special. At $68, you’ll pay a designer price, but like the tank, they just feel so good. They fit snugly from the waistband all the way down to the middle of your calf, and unlike other capris, they don’t ride up or down when you’re moving. They have a compression fit, but don’t squeeze you in too much (again, love), and they don’t stretch out like so many workout capris do. They also have a unique not-quite-matte, not-quite-shiny look to them that was nice, classy even.

Super flattering, super comfy and super convenient with a zip pocket, these are, well, super. I don’t have one negative thing to say about them, and I’ve worn them running, doing yoga, during CrossFit and everything in between. They rock and are deserving of the price tag.


I think what really sums up my thoughts on this new line though is that of all the things I could have worn to meet Bob Harper (they did have to be non-branded though, which can be tricky), I chose to wear the above outfit. And I like to think it served me well, making tacos and doing squats, no?

What do you think about Nancy Rose Performance and other designer workout apparel lines? Are you willing to shell out more for extra style and quality? —Jenn

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  1. Sorry I’m not spending $100 on a workout outfit. Running shoes yes but not clothes. I have capri’s that I bought at Wal-Mart probably 5 years ago that are still going strong, and I do some sort of exercise 6 days a week…

  2. Have tried the pants and top as well. My go to race-day cool-ish weather running capris. Wish they had more variety. Love them

  3. My most expensive pair of running pants I won from you (Anonya Moto pants). Makes my bum look amazing but I couldn’t afford to buy them myself just for that!! Thanks again!!

  4. To me, wearing some “gym shirt” and frumpy 5 year old clothing means I really don’t care how I look. However, I DO care how I look when I’m working out and when I’m not working out. As such, I am always interested in the latest in athletic fitness wear.