Who’s on Jenn’s Personal Health Professional Wish List?

massage therapy

That’s not me. But I wish it was right now. Credit: visit~fingerlakes

A few weeks back, one of our fave bloggers Peanut Butter Fingers posed a really good question: If you could have any sort of personal health professional, who would you choose? Since last month we talked fitness bucket lists for our Question of the Week, this time, we decided to tackle this slightly different twist on our wish lists. Read each Friday for our answers!   

Can I just say that I adore this QOTW? From creating dream boards to setting big ol’ goals, I simply love dreaming. So taking time out to think about what personal health professional I’d love to have at my beck and call is really, really fun to think about. And think I did.

While the term “personal health professional” is kind of  left up to interpretation (I feel like lots of types of people could be considered that), the first occupations that came to my mind were a personal trainer, registered dietitian/nutritionist, life coach, personal chef or chiropractor. Since I myself am a certified personal trainer and I’ve already met with a registered dietitian and life coach (both were life-changing experiences), I sort of ruled those out. I like to cook, so a personal chef wouldn’t be that big of a perk for me, and I’m not sure how much I’d really want to go to a chiropractor unless I was injured, which I’m currently not (hooray!).

But then another type of health professional dawned on me: a massage therapist. It only took me about .25 seconds to determine that, yes, that’s what I want. Every day. Maybe even multiple times a day. I try to schedule massages regularly, and my massage therapist is simply amazing (love you, Mardi!), but unfortunately I can’t afford to go much more than once a month. And sometimes life just gets too busy, and I’ll go two or three months in between massage-therapy sessions. The benefits of massage are darn near limitless from improved blood flow to better recovery to stress reduction and boosted immunity, so I would love, love, love to have massage be a more regular and scheduled part of my life.

Gosh, I feel more relaxed and balanced just thinking about the possibilities. I mean, can you imagine how fantastic it would be to get a weekly 90-minute massage for relaxation? Or even a 10-minute chair massage after a long, stressful day? And a nice therapeutic rub-down after tough workouts? From sports massage to deep tissue to hot stone to assisted stretching, oh, how happy my muscles and mind would be! Yes, massage therapy is for me! (Hey, that rhymed!)

So, yep, of all of the awesome personal health professional choices out there, I go with a massage therapist. No doubt. Now if only a genie would come down and grant my wish, my muscles and I would be set…

Now tell me, do you agree? Would you pick a massage therapist, too? Or some other occupation? Let’s discuss. And I can’t wait to see what the other FBGs say about this one! —Jenn


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  1. Vicki says:

    Totally agree re: masseuse. A hairdresser would be 2nd one on my payroll.

  2. Tuba says:

    A massage therapist was my answer as well when i first saw the question! With no doubt or a second thought, a massage therapist it is.

  3. lifesqrd says:

    A massage therapist would be heavenly, but if I had to choose one pro for the rest of my life I would choose a really good nutritionist.

    You are what you eat and a perfect diet means a long, healthy life. Also, it would be great to have someone else do all the meal planning forever, especially through the holidays!

  4. Dr. Tony says:

    Im always at your beck and call Jen!

  5. A massage therapist it would be I also would like to thank my massage therapist for tolerating me.I believe a personal trainer also has a very important role.