Your Remedy for Olympics Withdrawal: The Inside Scoop on Allyson Felix (and Giveaway!)

We expect to see Allyson Felix in four years…

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It’s been almost a week since the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games. And, well, we’re having some withdrawal symptoms. My DVR is empty, I can’t find any programming with shirtless, wet men on television that you don’t have to pay for and my apparently insatiable appetite for competition is rearing its ugly head in odd ways—like challenging my husband to see who can take the garbage out faster. Tell me I’m not alone in this. Anyone?

I’m going to pretend you all know what I’m talking about and could use another Olympics hit of awesome just to make the withdrawal a little bit easier. And for that we have videos with the ah-mazing Visa Go World athlete Allyson Felix, who just took gold in the 200-meter sprint. Love her!

How Allyson Felix Stayed So Motivated for London 2012

How Much Can Allyson Felix Leg Press? Whoa.

What’s Next for Allyson Felix


And to keep the Olympic spirit and the Visa Go World (#VisaGoWorld on Twitter)cheers going, we’re doing another giveaway! Simply leave a comment telling us why you love the Olympic Games and we’ll select one lucky U.S. reader to win a $20 Visa  gift card. While it’s not required, we also think you should go check out Visa Go World’s Facebook page for this awesome app, too. Yes, the Olympics may technically be over, but the spirit goes on!

Bring on the next Olympics! —Jenn


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  1. I enjoy watching women athletes compete. Professional sports are dominated by men, it’s nice to see women going for the gold. They are wonderful role models for girls.

  2. I love the olympics because I’m inspired to be a better athlete in everything I do and stick to my goals! 🙂

  3. I’m in Olympics withdrawal too! I like to workout to be fit for life, not necessary train for events always, so the Olympics remind me hard work does pay off and you can achieve your goals if you set your mind to it–whatever that goal may be.

  4. I love the Olympics because it brings athletes from all over the world together.
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  5. I love the olympics because it gives all athletes from equestrians to handball players the chance to showcase their skills on a world stage.

  6. There are a number of reasons to love the Olympic Games. Outside of the triathlon world the Olympics has a vibe about it that is infectious. Whether you are a hard core sport lover or not it is hard not to be a little swept up in the images that the world will see in a couple of weeks of competition.
    The Hype. How good is it when you see a normal city go crazy ape over sport? The 5 rings get plastered all over the the city’s major land marks and generally you get to watch the mad last minute preparations. Then there is the hype over who is carrying what flag and the opening ceremony. Even if that type of thing doesn’t blow your hair back then watching the goofy ways they try to light the Olympic flame is always a little bit of fun. Who could forget the archer in Barcelona? Theatre at it’s best.
    Experts get ready! For that two week period of this festival of athletics you become an expert in sports you know nothing or care little about for the 3 years 11 months and two weeks of your non Olympic year cycle. You always end up just watching random sports and after an hour you are an expert. You can spot a good ‘flight series’ including a great ‘layout salto’ on the balance beam where you’ll confidently spot the fact that the toes weren’t pointed (gymnastics) or a ‘flying change’ as you will proudly assert this during the equestrian. It’s fun to be an expert on the same level it is to watch sports you’ll rarely watch again. And that’s not saying anything against the 10m air pistol.
    Epic wins. It is one thing to go into the Olympics as the favorite it’s another thing to deliver. The epic wins that the Olympic delivers are something else. That moment when the athlete realises that they are about to turn into reality what they have been dreaming about for years. Or the celebration of the (hopefully legal) impossible. Athletes who perform the impossible. That’s certainly possible in a few weeks.
    Epic Fails. This is the other side of sport. For all the winners, and weaties boxes there are plenty of stories of failure. Favorites will implode and mistakes will be made all in the name of ‘the winner takes all’. And who doesn’t love a weepy musical montage to instill a little bit of “poor them’ attitude? It’s one of the best parts of the Games. The Olympic winners are celebrated but there are more fails in the Games than wins.
    New names to admire. There are plenty of undiscovered stars in the sporting world right now. Some will come from the clouds others will underline their star power. The ones that come from no where are the great stories of the Games. We don’t know them now but in a few days time they may become the next sporting heroes of their country.

  7. I love ’em because you get to see a superhuge range of sports, plus you’re seeing the cream of the crop in each one.

  8. I love how the Olympics brings everybody together, and I love watching all of the amazing athletes too!

  9. I’m a huge fan of the Olympics because it really shows the ambition, perseverance and drive of so many amazing athletes from around the world.

  10. I love watching the Olympics because of the comradeship and team spirit! Every team, from every Country, supports their team mates; whither to hug, or pat on the shoulder because of a loss, or to chest bump, kiss and jump for joy for a win!

    When an individual on the team looses, the entire team looses, but I always saw the team uplift that team member, not beat him or her down. When an individual team member wins, the entire team wins and they celebrate together.

    That’s awesomeness, that’s the core of the Olympics.

  11. I like the Olympics because it is a wonderful showcase for the dedication and hard work of our young people to maintain an active lifestyle and excel in their chosen sport.

  12. I’ve seen everyone else’s comments and they are all true, the Olympic games was uplifting, brought countries together, was a show of teamwork and sport. But the thing I loved the most about the 2012 Olympics was more selfish. I was given the opportunity to live vicariously through the athletes. I felt their pain when they lost and felt their joy when they won. Their trials on the course, on the field, and in the water, made me work harder on my own (much smaller) fitness goals. Watching our country’s athletes this year made me push a little harder, jump a little higher, and run a little longer. The London Games made me better – and for that, I’m grateful.

  13. I love the stories of overcoming obstacles that are shared through the Olympics. captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  14. I love the Olympic Games because it shows the hard work and dedication each athlete is willing to do in order to become the best in whatever sport they love. It shows strong character and commitment.
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  15. Athletes from the entire world, spending two weeks together in a spirit of competition and shared experience. If that doesn’t help people recognize themselves in others nothing will.

  16. I love everything about the Olympics. It seems like temporarily all the bad things in the world disappear. I am inspired by the athletes dedication and hard work. I cheer for their victories but also almost cry in their defeats. I also love hearing about the personal interest stories that so many athletes have. Some have overcome obstacles that are unimaginable but still perseveered and excelled.

  17. I just love all the stories of people working so hard and becoming the best. I cannot count how many times I cried watching the Olympics this summer!

  18. I love watching the Olympics because it motivates me to keep going strong and pursuing my dreams just as these athletes did!

  19. I love seeing all the different shapes that women’s (and men’s) fit bodies come in- not just shaped like fashion models, or actresses. It is inspiring especially to see that strong, in shape (and probably at the top of their game)women come in all shapes and sizes.

  20. I love the Olympics because it brings the nation together every two years in a way that normally only tragedy can. The Olympics inspire a new generation to find fitness, often in sports they had never heard of before. What’s not to love?