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5 Things Tish Has Learned Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Is it sad that I was tickled pink I wore my favorite lululemon shirt? You might be an FBG if… Credit: College Basketball Experience

As part of our second-annual Back to Basics Week, each FBG is sharing five things living a healthy lifestyle has taught her. Read on for our serious—and fun—life lessons!

Living a healthy lifestyle has changed my life ever so subtly, I have to admit. I’ve always loved vegetables, always kept a certain amount of fitness whirring in the background, but it’s the FBG-lifestyle and mission to “feel fit” that has really made the difference. Like a stealth ninja warrior, my healthy choices chiseled this new life in so many tiny ways. Certain friends now refer to me as their health guru, which no one would ever peg me for a couple years ago. All baby steps lead to the top of the mountain, right?

5 Things Living a Healthy Lifestyle Has Taught Me

1. Working up a sweat is normal. Working out on the weekends or getting active with friends would have sounded like utter hogwash at one point, but now I’m more than up for a Saturday morning hike or a trip to play basketball, which is exactly what my now fiance figured out about me when he planned the sneakiest proposal in the history of his sneakiness. He knew I’d be down for some sweat action before hopping on a plane to head back to LA, so he had no problem having photographers, FBG Jenn, her husband and The College Basketball Hall of Fame team there to capture the fun. I thought we were documenting fun stuff for a post on FBG. Suprise, Tish!

2. Fruits and vegetables are magic. I’ve been on a super duper vegetable/fruit kick for the past six weeks. I’m trying out all of these different smoothie ideas and learning about all of the wonderful health benefits fresh produce can pack. I now make sure my red grapes have seeds because those seeds fight free radicals like a mother trucker. I’ve become a Dr. Oz-like lover of chia seeds and their powerful punches, as well an adventurer. I will try any new fruit or veggie that is placed in front of me. Mama Nature’s babies do great things for my body and energy!

3. You have to have thick skin. You’d think the people you come in contact with would all be supportive of your healthy lifestyle, but there’s a lot of Negative Nancies out there in the world. (Remember the people who inspired me to write my fitness truths?!) When you commit to honoring your health, the people projectors will pop up quicker than a zit. Somehow though, it makes me even more proud of myself: Not only am I doing something positive for me, I’m also standing up for my healthy choices and winning. I just remember my almond butter and morning runs aren’t hurting anyone, but MAN are they helping me feel like a strong phenom! Deciding you want to be healthy and doing it takes guts and seriously big, ginormous balls— stability balls, get your head out of the gutter!

4. Unhealthy food makes me feel unhealthy. Now that I’ve given up lots of unhealthy foods, it’s hard for me to go back. Junk food, fast food, even a lot of restraurant food makes me sick to my stomach, so now I’m healthy without having to force it. At one time a strawberry cupcake would have been on my mind every night before bed. Now the thought of that much sugar makes my butt twitch (and grumble).

5. Living healthy is a gateway drug. I learned pretty early on that living healthy revs up your inner spirit to keep trying new things. First, I caught myself trying classes at the gym, which led to me learning about the foods that help with your energy, which led to me trying new healthy restaurants, which led to me meeting fascinating new people, which has led to fun all around. Here’s the deal: When you’re healthy, you’re happier. When you’re happier, you want to experience life and let that health keep propelling you forward. That momentum is beautiful and sacred to me. My bucket list keeps growing and growing…all because I chose to be healthier.

There’s a healthy lesson in that story The Princess and the Pea: One tiny little vegetable can change your whole world! Yes, you might develop a weird aversion to cupcakes and other fun foods, but in the long run, you’ll be able to run longer—and that’s priceless in my book!

What peas have changed your life? Fit bottomed princesses of power want to know!  —Tish

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