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A Fitness Apparel Prescription


I love that they personalize your dressing room. It’s the little things!

It’s no secret that lululemon is my dream store. Every time I’m near its flagship store in my neighborhood I start to beeline. It’s sad, but my fella has to shout at me not to enter, but it’s no use. The power of the lululemon is much too strong!

I run around that place like a kid in a candy store. It doesn’t help that all the girls who work there are super friendly and passionate about their products. That kind of enthusiasm coaxes my debit card to slip out of my wallet, which is why my guy does his best to distract me if he sees the logo approaching.

It’s expensive and addicting—dangerous cocktail. That said, it’s hard to hate the place because the company is just so darn perfect and lovely. They actually care about fitness and the community. Strike up a conversation with your local lululemon gal and she’ll tell you about all the fun fitness classes she takes. She’ll point out her favorite gear and her eyes will bulge with excitement. It’s addicting to be around.

I went into the store a week ago and played with the new products. I looked at the new feedback on their suggestion board and bought a Vinyasa (yoga) Scarf  I’ve been eyeing for a long, long time. I also got a chance to go to the back of the store and see the feedback they’ve been getting on the clothes. What’s that you say? You didn’t know they did that? Yep, if you buy something from lululemon and find that it gives you camel toe or rides up your booty, then you should go to the store and tell the gals. They report all of that back to headquarters. They also dig hearing what you need that they don’t have. If you have the perfect running shirt in your head that you just can’t find on the shelves anywhere, you can explain it to them and they’ll send that along to corporate HQ. I’m still waiting for my jersey-like running top. It will happen! It will!

I know of very few stores that have that Cheers mentality (where everyone knows your name…SING WITH ME!). Stores that care about what I think and how the fitness clothes work for me. The care they show folks like you and me makes that $60 shirt a little easier to shell out cash for. You’re walking into a “lab” of experts. You tell them exactly what your body needs for the types of workouts you’re doing and out will pop five or six different options they’ll let you try on. When push comes to shove, you get what you pay for. I’m traveling to Canada tomorrow for a wedding, and I plan to make a nice little detour at some point to visit headquarters. According to the girls, they have fun stuff that you can only get there. I’m about to buck-buck in Vancouver!

When push comes to lululemon, you get what you pay for and then some extra om. Does the prescription apparel mentality make you swoon or are you a get-it-and-go kind of gal? —Tish

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  1. Michelle says:

    I have a large chest but I’m not plus sized. None of their bras really worked for me when I went in. They had one style that came in DD but I just wanted a basic sports bra. When I wrote the company and asked why they don’t carry even slightly large sports bras when they claim to be so supportive of women and confidence they said it was because their stores are too small. That doesn’t explain why they don’t have them online either. When I buy bras from Victoria Secret I know not all stores have a big selection but do they offer all sizes online. It’s a shame Lululemon wasn’t receptive to that feedback. I looked at other comments and I’m definitely not the only one asking!

  2. BFD says:

    It’s sad and frustrating that a company that purports to support women and encourage fitness only wants to outfit those size 12 and under. Once again, fat athletes are left in the cold, struggling to find comfortable, stylish clothes that fit well.

    The message I take from this “perfect” and “lovely” company is: “We support active women as long as they aren’t fat.”

  3. Tish says:

    That’s really strange. When was that? I go in there now and see mostly tops for the lucky (aka those who can rock DD) Maybe it’s because I live in LA…home of the boob jobs. I think you may have talked to a confused egg lol…If you’re still looking for a goodie let me know and I’ll look into it for you! Sports bras are sacred in my book!

  4. PMLM says:

    I have always wanted to try Lululemon clothes, but they don’t come in my size. Do you have any recommendations for similar clothes for plus-sized women?

  5. Rose says:

    I didn’t know they had real stores! I thought it was just online! I hope they bring a store near me, soon. They have the best clothes. I feel so fierce when I workout in their stuff!!

  6. J says:

    I would love to wear their clothes; unfortunately, I am too big, and I’m only like 20lbs overweight and a size D. This is what I don’t understand about athletic clothes in general — all of them seem to be for women who are already fit. I know, women who are fit need athletic clothes, but so do those of us who do not want to wear running tights and slim-fit racerback shirts. Maybe if I were not lumpy in all the wrong places I would be on-board with the skin-tight athletic clothes, but I don’t know. It makes me uncomfortable in the gym having to see people wearing clothing that I feel is immodest like volleyball-style short-shorts and a bra with no top over it. Can’t we get some shirts with decent sleeves? How about pants that have a little drape to them without being flimsy?

  7. Thanks for the post . I have a question, where to buy best fitness apparel?

  8. Toi says:

    Michelle. I completely understand your grievance and frustration. Like you, I have a large chest and I am not plus size. Though, they may carry plenty of DD’s for plus sizes, there are not that many options for 32, 34, or 36DD. I did find two online, Hold It Against Me Bra and Ta Ta Tamer II. But it is a shame that there isn’t a large selection and that they were not receptive to your feedback. As a Zumba and Group Fitness Instructor, I find it especially necessary to have the right support.

  9. Debbie says:

    I’ve only been to Lulu once. But boy did I fall in love. I am another small but well endowed woman and after traipsing the world to find a good bra that was supportive and pretty, I was referred to the Ta Ta Tamer II and the Cross My Heart. Granted I’m larger than a D/DD but I still get good support from these. The staff was so helpful in helping me select a bra and they didn’t push anything on me that I didn’t want. Now if they only made bras for even larger chest sizes I’d fly to Canada and hug everyone at HQ

  10. Rebecca says:

    I’m not a big boycotter, but the “Who is John Galt?” advertising campaign and their conceptual consumption ethos persuaded me to stay away. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jessica-marati/behind-the-label-the-ideo_b_1922768.html

  11. I hope to buy one from them but there’s no store near our place. I’ve tried them online but not successful though.

  12. Denise Hammock says:

    You really believe these sales people are that enthusiastic and that their clothing is worth what they charge? Their sales and marketing staff are cult like in their behavior because they are practically brainwashed in their training. Research it. Lululemon is the epitome of superficiality. I wish people would stop supporting them.

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