A Sunglasses Shop Giveaway: Oakley Overtime in White

Cute and functional. Our favorite!

Yep, the giveaways for Back to Basics Week just keep getting better and better. Am I right, or am I right? (Oh, how I love to be right.) In addition to the Fitterfirst equipment giveaway on Tuesday, and the workout DVD and music coaching giveaway on Wednesday, today we have a freebie for your peepers. And a fashionable one at that. That’s right, one lucky U.S. reader is going to win a pair of these Oakley Women’s Overtime sunglasses in white that blend function with high fashion, courtesy of Sunglasses Shop.

These Oakley polarized lenses protect your eyeballs when you’re working out in the hot, hot sun, while still having a frame that’s comfortable, light and oh-so pretty. The earpads and nosepads hold these sunglasses in place without slipping or snagging your hair, too! Yep, we pretty much adore these. And have a feeling you will, too…

So, who’s ready to win them? To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is comment, telling us what your favorite outdoor workout is, and then follow @FitBottomedGirl and @SunglassShop on Twitter. (We also highly encourage you to check out Sunglasses Shop on Facebook to be in the loop about all their sales and stuff, but that’s just a suggestion.) See? Easy! The winner will be selected randomly in about a week and notified via email and in the comments.

Can’t wait to hear what those fave outdoor workouts are! —Jenn

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  1. Erin says:

    Running is by far my favorite outdoor workout!

  2. Sarah M. says:

    I’m a new “runner” enjoying the chance to get faster!

  3. Sandi says:

    Running is my favorite outdoor workout. Biking would be second. Thank you for the opportunity to win. These glasses sound very comfortable.

  4. Melissa L. says:

    I like outdoor crossfit-type workouts! Running and biking are my second and third favorites. Thank you!

  5. Robyn says:

    My favorite outdoor workout is definitely HANDSTANDS! These work the entire body as you have to pull in to midline to stay up! Plus, they are a whole lot of fun and take you back to childhood!

  6. Mik of the Plains says:

    My favorite outdoor workout depends on my day. Stress…the physicality of a good, brisk run does the trick. Feeling fly?…then on the bike I go…as fast as I can.

    But my absolute favorite is going on the ‘Nacho Ride’ with my Hubster. The best part is the 20 mile round trip ride burns off any nacho calories earned at the turn around point. 🙂

  7. K Schnabel says:

    Far and away, my favourite outdoor exercise is doing a trail run at one of the parks near my home. Training for my first 5k was brutal when I had to do it on the treadmill indoors. Once I found out that trail runs are just like faster hikes I fell in love! Now I am training for my first half marathon!

  8. courtney says:

    Running, or my new obsession: Stand Up Paddleboarding!

  9. Annie says:

    My fave outdoor workout used to be running, but now it’s hiking with my fiance and dog. We go to this awesome off-leash hiking area where my pup can run free and I turn blue in the face just by running uphill while chasing my crazy furchild. I swear, he is the most INTENSE workout buddy I’ve ever had!

  10. Cat says:

    Running! And walking with the most wonderful man in the world 😀

  11. My favorite outdoor workout is usually going for a bike ride or a run… but in the fall? Hiking wins, hands down!

  12. Valerie Messina says:

    My favorite outdoor workout is hiking in the White Mountains of NH!

  13. Linda says:

    Walking the dog is my favorite outdoor workout! I followed you on twitter @lfamous

  14. Ivori says:

    My favorite outdoor workout is roller blading !

    I actually do it for fun, but it is a killer lower body workout 🙂

  15. I’m rediscovering my favorite outdoor sport, RUNNING! 🙂 Go FBG.

  16. Kris says:

    I have been doing an awesome bootcamp class outdoors this summer!

  17. Meg Hayne says:

    I love trail running…its running + mountains + adventure!!

  18. Maggie says:

    Hiking, for sure!!

  19. Jennifer V. says:

    Wakeboarding is the best outdoor activity for a killer whole-body burn! Can’t get enough!

  20. Michelle Owens says:

    Running for sure! I can’t wait for “fall” weather to come back to FL so I can go back outside!!

  21. Liz C. says:

    Hiking! And the Pacific NW has the best summer hiking around, in my opinion.

  22. Melissa says:

    I love walking outside and hiking. I also love kayaking, but I haven’t done it in years – might be something I pick up again sometime soon.

  23. Debbie E. says:

    So hot here to run outside (my fave) but Fall is here so heading out more. Love white sports sunglasses!

  24. Beth says:

    Well, I live in San Diego, so there are SO many options to choose from year-round… but I have to say that my favorite outdoor workout always includes a friend! Whether it’s a bootcamp, or jogging/walking/hiking or even paddleboarding around the bay – I work out harder and longer, and without even checking my watch, when there’s a friend with whom to share the experience!!

  25. Steph says:

    I love running around outside! on trails and in the city

  26. Lindsay says:

    A run to the nearby park and running the stairs on the steep sledding hill (brutal!). Hiking with the boyfriend and pup are a close second!

  27. Maggie says:

    Definitely running!

  28. Avigail Barel says:

    My favorite activity is hiking. I’m not much of a runner but I love being outdoors!

  29. Iris Lee says:

    Running along a river! I love the scenery, and it makes hills seems so much easier!

  30. Heather says:

    Running is by far my favorite outdoor workout. I almost always wear my Oakleys while running, so these would be a great addition.

  31. deb says:

    My favorite activity by far is skiing, but I also love hiking and running is starting to grow on me. I’m doing c25k with my 5.5 month old daughter in a stroller. That’s definitely a workout 🙂

  32. Lea says:

    Currently it’s pacing back & forth at my daughter’s softball games carrying a 17 lb. baby. LOL But I’m hoping to get going on my walks again soon.

  33. I love long morning runs on my city’s paved river trail. Nothing beats the fresh air and a cool breeze!

  34. Becky says:

    I love playing soccer!

  35. meagan beilstein says:

    Cycling is the best ever. I just finished my first century Monday and going for my second one sunday.

  36. Amanda says:

    To be completely honest, I am 23 years old and JUST learned how to ride a bike! I had a bad experience when I was little trying to learn (I fell off and my hand got stuck in a sewer grate!), so I never tried until a few months ago. Now I absolutely LOVE going on long bike ride with my boyfriend around the park by my house and stopping for a healthy picnic lunch! I’m so glad I learned because it has allowed me to get outdoors for my workouts instead of just running all of the time!

  37. Melisse says:

    I love swimming! In the ocean or on in the pool, it doesn’t matter 🙂

  38. soph says:

    i love hiking, but in the city, running will do

  39. Ashley says:

    I have recently started hiking with my husband and I love it. I also enjoy walking/jogging/running in a Phoebe-esque style around town.

  40. styleezta says:

    running 🙂 i feel free when i do it

  41. Danica says:

    I have recently discovered my love of RUNNING! I never thought I’d be that girl that looks forward to a run, but I am. 🙂

  42. M.J. Moore says:

    Hiking, getting deep into the mountains! @butterflyrouge

  43. Katy says:

    Running is my favorite outdoor workout-it’s truly therapeutic! 🙂

  44. mackenzie says:

    I have to choose?? How about two- running and hiking. 🙂

    I don’t have a twitter account, but I “liked” both on Facebook.

  45. Joy says:

    Definitely running! Training for my second marathon, so logging lots of miles right now. 🙂

  46. Christy Ann says:

    I love jogging with my jogging stroller and baby in tow!

  47. Stefanie Gladden says:

    my favorite outdoor workout would definitely be running, I just started and absolutely love it!! 🙂

    also following on twitter – @luvx14

  48. alh1203 says:

    Running is def my fave

  49. April says:

    Rollerblading is my favorite outdoor sport!

  50. Rachel says:

    I love getting outside near the lake in Chicago where I can use the concrete slabs/steps to jump up and down on, do step aerobics type movements, and weight bearing exercises with my own body weight. Sure does get sunny out there!

  51. Tonya R says:

    My favorite outdoor sport is running!

  52. teri pastorino says:

    my favorite outdoor sport is running!

  53. Leah says:

    My favorite outdoor workout is running at a local park that also has equipment (chest press, squat, box jump equipment) that can be used during the run for extra burn!

  54. Ashley says:

    I love going for a good long walk with the boyfriend…it’s great for exercise AND catching some quality time and conversation 🙂

  55. latrell says:

    walking and playing with the granddaughters

  56. Jennifer Music says:

    My favorite outdoor work out is doing yoga by the lake! I also love to run, but I’ve recently found out that fishing can burn up for 500 calories an hour! New Love for a great activity!

  57. Summer says:

    outdoor Pilates!

  58. Cheryl in AL says:

    I like to hit the track nearby.

  59. Patti says:

    My favorite is walking with my puppy!

  60. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    My favorite outdoor workout is walking (haven’t succeeded at running yet!)
    @Lexiquin follows you both on Twitter
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. Lori says:

    My favorite outdoor sport is tennis!

  62. I love to run outdoors! And rollerblade too!

    I follow both on Twitter @coriwestphal (twitter.com/coriwestphal)

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  63. Lorraine Pierce says:

    Some of my outdoor works. Cutting tiles for floors, fishing, or checking on cows.

  64. Sabrina Shields says:

    My fav outdoor workouts are biking, running and hiking – all with the hubby! 🙂

    sabrina.shields @ live.com

  65. My favorite outdoor workout is running (and I’m currently training for several races). In addition to that my partner and I try to walk just about everywhere, so I spend a lot of time out in the sun!

  66. Melanie says:

    Running with my pups! They’re staying with my in-laws for a few weeks and I can’t seem to get motivated without them!

  67. Andrea L says:

    I love playing tennis and going for runs!

  68. Stephanie F says:

    My outdoor workout is yardwork. I mow with a push mower, weed eat and trim hedges.

  69. Callie says:

    Trail running!

  70. Morgan says:

    My absolute favorite outdoor workout is running along the American River.

  71. Marisssa Kenny says:

    Running and biking on all of the trails in our area!

  72. Kristen says:

    My favourite outdoor workout is running. Love my “me” time outside.

  73. Ellen says:

    Love doing intervals. Walk to the beach, do the stairs to the beach and then walk to the next entrance, do the stairs, run to the next entrance and repeat OFTEN!

  74. Sarah says:

    These would be lovely to win! I just broke my running sunglasses and I have 17 miles to do tomorrow. 🙁
    My favorite outdoor sport is def running, along with taking my daughter to the pool!

  75. Micheline says:

    My fav outdoor running sport is running and then walking (or cooling down) with my dog!

  76. quinieleong says:

    badminton! 🙂

    twitter: quinieleong

  77. Robin says:

    My fav is hiking in the woods!

  78. Theresa J says:

    My favorite outdoor workout is a run at the beach.


  79. Jenn says:

    And the lucky winner is Brittani Hensel with comment No. 15! Congrats! Emailing you now to get your address. 🙂

    –FBG Jenn