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How to Create a Workout Schedule

Be sure to get your strength work in! It’s an important part of any workout schedule.

Components of a Workout Schedule

1. Cardio. The American Heart Association recommends adults get 30 minutes of moderate intensity most days of the week (four to five days) to improve their health. If you are looking to lose weight, you will either need to do more, or do the cardio at a higher intensity, which is what most would recommend to cut down on workout time. You can do your cardio on the same days you do strength training or not, it’s really up to you. Walking, running, hiking, biking and anything else that elevates your heart rate for an extended period of time is a good choice.

2. Strength training. Strength training not only helps to build strong muscles, it also keeps bones and connective tissue strong as well. Strength training can be done with weights or body-weight resistance and should hit the major muscle groups of the body, which include the glutes, quads, hamstrings, core, chest, back, biceps, triceps and shoulders.

3. Rest days. Rest days are just as important as your workouts, and after strength training, your muscles need 48 hours to heal and repair. This doesn’t mean you can’t do strength training everyday, however. You can split your muscles groups up, like into upper and lower body, so on the days you train one group, the other gets to rest.

4. Flexibility. Flexibility may not be high on your radar, but it is an important, and often overlooked, part of the fitness equation. Stretching increases range of motion, cuts down on injury and allows your muscles to repair and build evenly. You should always stretch the muscles you use during your workout, preferably at the end of your workout when they’re already warm. Cold muscles pull easily, and a pulled muscle can sideline you for weeks.

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  1. Jenn says:

    Developing your own workout routine can be a bit difficult for some, and this post is really helpful. And better to keep track of everything so you’ll know your progress.

  2. Lynn says:

    It’s always the commitment and dedication to do and follow your workout and diet plan.

  3. This article is a big help for keeping track of workout routines. Personally, even on my rest days I like to keep myself moving with simple chores. I either clean the house or go for a walk around town. It’s important to keep your body active.

  4. Allan says:

    When you know what’s good for you, you can always find time to fit in a good workout. It does not matter what time of the day it is, as long as you put in the work. I sometimes sneak in some weight lifting before work. Sometimes I do it after work. Don’t forget the cardio, though.

  5. Denmark says:

    I truly believe that creating a workout schedule is really important as it also teaches us to be committed into doing it!

  6. Shane says:

    What’s important is you enjoy what you’re doing. If you do, you can slip it into your schedule any day of the week. Do it at least three times a week.

  7. Stella says:

    Just find time to exercise. It can be just walking, jogging, or just keep moving. Cleaning the house is good too.

  8. Sharon says:

    There are also certain exercises which you can do in your office chair. Long walks also are great exercise. Cleaning the house too. There’s no reason not to move your body.

  9. Denmark says:

    Thank you so much. This is quite basics but still really informative.

  10. Pete says:

    This is a wonderful information. Having your own fitness schedule is up to you. All you need is that you really are dedicated about being fit. Eating the right amount of foods rich in amino acids can help you lose weight and build more protein in the body.

  11. Pete says:

    This information is very useful. Eating the right amount of foods rich in amino acids can help you lose weight and build more protein in the body.

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