How to Run a Marathon. Yes, You!

disney marathon

FBG Jenn and FBG Tish followed a very similar running plan to conquer the Disney Marathon in 2010!

How to Run a Marathon: Your Training Schedule

This training plan assumes you have already run a half marathon. Choose one rest day per week for easy cross training, like yoga, but since you are really going to be putting yourself through the mileage ringer, it is best to rest on rest days.

Week 1: 3-mile run, rest, 4-mile run, 3-mile run,  rest, 5-mile run, rest

Week 2: 3-mile run, rest, 4-mile run, 3-mile run, rest, 6-mile run, rest

Week 3: 3-mile run, rest, 4-mile run, 3-mile run, rest, 7-mile run, rest

Week 4: 3-mile run, rest, 5-mile run, 3-mile run, rest, 8-mile run, rest

Week 5: 3-mile run, rest, 5-mile run, 3-mile run, rest, 10-mile run, rest

Week 6: 4-mile run, rest, 5-mile run, 4-mile run, rest, 11-mile run, rest

Week 7: 4-mile run, rest, 6-mile run, 4-mile run, rest, 12-mile run, rest

Week 8: 4-mile run, rest, 6-mile run, 4-mile run, rest, 14-mile run, rest

Week 9: 4-mile run, rest, 7-mile run, 4-mile run, rest, 16-mile run, rest

Week 10: 5-mile run, rest, 8-mile run, 5-mile run, rest, 16-mile run, rest

Week 11: 5-mile run, rest, 8-mile run, 5-mile run, rest, 17-mile run, rest

Week 12: 5-mile run, rest, 8-mile run, 5-mile run, rest, 18-mile run, rest

Week 13: 5-mile run, rest, 8-mile run, 5-mile run, rest, 20-mile run, rest

Week 14: 5-mile run, rest, 8-mile run, 5-mile run, rest, 9-mile run, rest

Week 15: 3-mile run, rest, 5-mile run, 3-mile run, rest, 8-mile run, rest

Week 16: 3-mile run, rest, 3-mile run, 2-mile walk, rest, 26.2 Race Day!

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  1. Wow! What a great blog! Thank you for the info. I am just getting back into my workout routines and am working on the baby weight inches. I will definitely keep up with your news and tips. 🙂

  2. I tried 5K marathon.It was a nice exprience! I now love joining marathons 🙂

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