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Pretty and supportive of women of all cup sizes.

Can you believe it? It’s the last day of Back to Basics Week! Man, it went by fast. But we’re going out with a bang, a Sturdy Girl Sports type bang! Which, in case you’re not familiar with them, is one heck of an awesome bang. Sturdy Girl Sports, which designs fashion-inspired, high-impact sports bras and coordinating fitness apparel, is giving away a super cool snake- or leopard-print bra and matching compression shorts that will get your friends talking!

We love Sturdy Girl Sports gear for a couple of reasons. First, most pullover style sports bras are sized small, medium or large, which doesn’t work if you are full-chested but smaller in the rib cage. However, Sturdy Girl Sports bras are band/cup-sized so that you can get an exact fit for increased support. Second, without hooks and closures, there is nothing to rub or abrade your skin—you know how much we hate chafing! And third, these bras look more like a top than an undergarment bra. (Not to mention that Runner’s World recently named them Best New Sports Bra and that the bras combine high-wicking spacer fabric with an inner hidden nipple cover to completely eliminate the appearance of “headlights” when the temp drops. Bonus.)

Then there’s the Sturdy Girl compression shorts. These will make your junk in the trunk happy, as they are comfortable and practical with soft silicon grippers along the inside waistband to ensure they stay put and a nifty hidden pocket on the outer right hip for your iPod, money or an energy gel. Just what an FBG needs!

So who’s ready to win these two fab pieces? Leave a comment below with the No. 1 thing you look for in a sports bra, and we’ll select a random U.S. reader to win in about a week. Winners will be notified by email and in the comments. Oh, and while it’s not required, you should go check out Sturdy Girl Sports on Facebook, too!

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  1. The number one thing I look for in a sports bra is great support…. I jump up and down and jog in place in the dressing room to make sure there’s not too much bounce!

  2. Support!! As a F cup size it is always so hard to find a sports bra that is supportive without spilling out of the cups or having the girls up to my chin!

  3. With a larger chest, support is of course #1, but I think FBG’s with larger chests need fun looking sports bras, too! No more grandma sports bras!!!

  4. Confidence: in the support – bouncing boobs are distracting for everyone not just me, the fit – it may only be the gym and not the red carpet or live tv but nobody wants a nipplegate, and look/style – I deserve something that looks good because I’m doing what is good for my body. Plus studies show that new gym gear really motivates you, it definitely does me!

  5. One thing? Support without the uni-boob. But moisture wicking, “no headlights”, and no chaffing are important too. I like to think my list isn’t too long to also do “cute”.

  6. Support, I run and do crossfit workouts, with a size 36D breast. My bras need to provide as little bounce and possible and secondly have moisture wicking properties.

  7. The #1 thing I look for in a sports bra is to provide adequate coverage – no bouncing allowed – and no uni-boob. That combo is so hard to find!

  8. The number 1 thing I look for in a Sports Bra is the Straps! I am small chested, but I have very tight shoulder muscles and when I wear a large strap that criss crosses they really hurt or are tooo tight. I usually look for a Sports Bra that is thin straps so I don’t have the pressure.

    The number 2 thing is enough padding that my nipples won’t be so alert! LOL! But not to make me look like I’m stuffing my bra!

    So, with those 2 combined it is hard to find a comfortable, supportive, and attractive Sports Bra! I only own 3 and they are nothing of what I want.

  9. Support is DEFINITELY important, but for those days when I’m doing lower impact activities (Pilates or yoga), a flattering shape is just as important. I hate bras that give you a uni-boob or have an unflattering fit!

  10. I would love a new sports bra! I’ve lost 35 pounds,but am lucky enough to to be naturally endowed in the boog area. I need the support!

  11. The main thing I look for us bounce…I want none!!! I want it to hold them high and tight so they don’t move at all!

  12. I need a bra that keeps the girls securely in place! I love boot camp classes but it’s so distracting when I can feel my chest jiggling about during sprints and jumps!

  13. The number one thing I want in a sports bra is a proper fit. If properly fit I can count on it being comfortable and supportive.

  14. Compression, compression, compression! I hate the uniboob look, but it seems like the only way to keep things where they belong. I am always looking for the perfect sports bra for no movement. Thanks for showcasing something new!

  15. Having a bigger bust makes it a little harder to do high- impact activities. That’s why I always check on the support a sports bra gives me. I love to run and I play volleyball and basketball and I need a bra where I can focus more on the game than on whether or not my chest is bouncing!

  16. Long runs need lots of support and while chafing has never been a real issue for me, I definitely like to avoid the “headlights” if at all possible!

  17. I would love one of these, I am training for 3 races this year! Still looking for the perfect workout bra!


  18. A band that doesn’t chafe!

    And so help me, if I win, I promise not to wear shoes like that model while I’m wearing the prize. 🙂

  19. The first thing I look for is a bra that is made of a quick drying material. When I work out, I go all out and I sweat. A lot. If I’m stuck with a bra that doesn’t dry quickly, I’m often left feeling cold. That’s the worst feeling when working out!! Also, no one wants to see my nipples. My number two is obviously support. The girls must be intact for my runs and lift schedule!

  20. Support is a definite must in a sports bra. I also look for bras that are comfortable and make me feel good. The better I feel in my gear, the more likely I am to get out the door and run. 🙂

  21. First it has to support, then if it’s outrageously expensive, I wait for it to go on sale, usually with limited colors! But yes, support is number one, and the other factors are niceties.

  22. I agree with everyone else – support is what I look for first in a sports bra. I know there are sports bras out there that moisture wick, don’t cause a uni-boob, don’t chafe, and have excellent support, but usually these bras cost upward of $50. So after finding a bra with good support my next criteria is usually price.

  23. the number one thing is comfort. i need a bra that supports without squashing or cutting into my armpits!!!!

  24. It’s got to pass the jump test – I jump up and down in the dressing room and see how much shake-age there is. Best way to simulate running without doing laps around the store.

  25. Great support! If it doesn’t pass the jumping jacks test in the fitting room, it doesn’t make it to the register!

  26. I look for a bra that will not chafe. I run a lot of long distances and I hate when I have a red line from my bra.

  27. The number one thing I look for in a sports bar is support! I am large chested and can’t find support and cute in a sports bra, but Sturdy Girl Sports looks like it will change that!

  28. While “support” isn’t something I have trouble with (don’t even get me started), I go for comfort. I need to to be comfy and not DIG into my skin like some I have had. Also, I hate how so many sports bras rise when you workout and you get that under-boob going. YUCK! Is it so hard to ask for a comfortable sports bra?! 🙂

  29. Some flattering padding and shape with enough support to hold it all together 🙂 Fashion meets function and everybody’s happy. Namaste 🙂

  30. Support is most important but I want a sports bra that makes me feel like I am an athletic superstar!
    Cheesy, I know, but it helps for sure.

  31. Like everyone else I look for support, with a very small rib cage but a bigger chest it’s hard to find a bra that will keep everything in place…especially for those long 20 mile runs!

  32. The number one thing I look for in a sports bra is fit. It’s super important to have great fit because that will ensure comfort and support! Woot!!

  33. I have never tried this brand. But I am excited to try this because it has the hook and eye closure and DD.WhooHOO!!

  34. Support, support, support!

    I look for a bra that is going to support my girls while I am jumping and doing plyometrics. It’s very uncomfortable to have the girls bouncing around!

  35. Definitely support without all that bouncing! Also would like more dryness-proof since I do a lot of sweating.

  36. Ideal bra results in absolutely zero movement while exercising. And if it’s not so tight I can barely remove it, even better!

  37. Lately I’ve been spinning so I’m as much about the wicking as the bounce control. The ‘girls’ wanna breathe. I would love to try this brand.

  38. No pulling and bunching; great wicking ability; I am a d-cup so nothing too tight, but the support must be there! #1 thing would HAVE to be comfort (can’t stand itchy, bunchy bras!)

  39. Would love to win this sports bra. Been looking for a good one, but they cost to much. Need one for my workouts.

  40. Good support, of course, but being a bit older I also need something I can get in and out of without destroying my shoulders. All of mine are pull-on and if they are just a bit too tight with the elastic they really mess my shoulders up.

  41. If a bra is too tight, it smashes me flat and I feel like I am suffocating during spin class. I need some padding to give me shape.

  42. The number one thing is support! I’m a D cup so it’s important that I don’t have to worry about pain from bouncing. However, it also has to be comfortable enough to not be distracting.

  43. High Imapact! That’s the #1 thing I look for in a sports bra. If it’s high impact, like Sturdy Girl Sports Bras are, then it’s comfortable and provides great support…what gal wouldn’t love and appreciate that? I love that Sturdy Girl makes cute workout gear too!

  44. I look for good support – I definitely jump up and down in the fitting room to test them out. A bonus to me is looks – now that I’m finally not on an official ‘team’ I can get creative with bright fun colors and prints, as opposed to the standard black and white of my field hockey practice gear.

  45. I am such a sucker for good quality gym outfits…. I need to feel good while working out and look good while I’m doing it. For sports bras, I like wearing the bras that give complete support while I run. I don’t need to worry about cleavage showing nor the discomfort some bras give me on high impact activities….

  46. The number one thing I look for? The ability to keep my tatas down without crushing my ribcage. But I LOVE that these are actually cute!

  47. I’m a bigger gal so having a good supportive bra is everything I look for! Plus comfortable is a bonus!! And I wanna look good while working out I’m sweating like a pig to look like a fox!!!

  48. I want a sports bra with a firm support where my bits don’t jiggle. I’m not trying to help gravity and time while attempting to stay youthful with the pounding of exercise.

  49. I need my bra snug around soze 32 and cup size JJ and then give good support because they are my own not silicon I am active run, exercise ( including jumpng jacks amd other exercise which include jumping and slipping), Martial Arts, belly Danceing and other styles of dancing.

  50. I look for sports bras that are comfortable, and that will keep the girls down so I can work out extra hard in the gym!

  51. I am double-D so I need a sports bra with the compression to help with the bouncing but then not so tight that I can still BREATHE!!!

  52. The most important aspect of a sports bra is support. It doesn’t matter how cute or trendy it is. If it doesn’t offer support, it’s going to ruin your workout. Here’s to keeping the girls in place! 🙂

  53. Support with out just smooshing. Comfort for long runs is also important, but if there is not support you might as well just wear a regular bra.

  54. For me, the most important thing I look for in a sports bra is less bounce! It’s so hard to find a supportive sports bra for those of us who are well-endowed. I don’t want to look like I’m going to knock myself out with my breasts while I run or play sports. I will definitely be checking out this company!

  55. The No. 1 thing I look for in a sports bra is support (comfort is right up there in my priorities, also)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Comfort for sure! I am a small chested girl and buying a small size to fit the girls usually means it super super tight and I can’t breathe, yet if I buy a bigger size I look like a preteen wearing their moms bra!

  57. It’s been so long since I bought a new one, I’m not even sure what to look for! I guess the number one factor would be comfort. And not getting a uniboob is a plus too!

  58. Sports bras need to be form-fitting. I HATE when boobs slip out the bottom or bounce around even a little. So a nice, tight sports bra is what I look for!

  59. When I first started my weight loss program, finding a sports bra that fit was a challenge. I needed comfort and support so I shopped and asked around for suggestions. I spent a ton of money on bra’s that did not fit quite right nor what I needed to feel comfortable during high performance work-outs. Comfort, support and coverage, these are the keys to a great, efficient sport bra!

  60. This is such a great giveaway! The Sturdy Girl set is absolutely beautiful and it’s quite amazing that it comes in band/cup sizes to benefit those who don’t have a “one size fits all” chest!

  61. Well, obviously it goes without saying that support is number one BUT also very important for me is style….Sturdy girl sports bras are absolutely beautiful and any women should feel proud and beautiful sporting any one of them….just saying!!!!!!

  62. Being a well endowed lady, support is very important, but that’s not the first thing I look for in a sports bra. The most important thing for me is the size. It’s hard to find bras in my size, nevertheless sports bras. Since support is so important in a sports bra, I’ve never understood why so many are just sized Small/Medium/Large.

  63. The most important thing I look for is comfort. The “girls” are large, therefore maximum support bras can be uncomfortable while compressing the “girls”.

  64. The best sports bra combines Support without flattening, Stretch for comfort and taking on/off, Wicking for “climate control” and a Band that stays put.

  65. keeping the girls from having a mind of their own is SO important to me! i hear people talking about other people’s chests getting an entirely different workout than the rest of their body. lol! if it is cute, that is the cherry on top! it is so hard to find sports bra that FIT and keep the girls reigned in at the same time.

  66. The number one thing I look for in a sports bra is support and the right band fit. I have larger breasts for my rib cage size since losing a significant amount of weight and it is very difficult for me to find adequate support in appropriate sizes.

  67. SUPPORT! Nothing like taking a run and having your boobs smack you in the face and have people witness! Haha but it’s got to be comfortable support, and a little style wouldn’t hurt either 😉

  68. I hate sports bras that chafe. When I work out, I have to remove my bra immediately of else I will get a rash. Also, I NEED a bra that will keep the girls from bouncing. I have not found one yet. Have the time that I am jumping up and down, I have to hold my girls so they do not bounce too much. That is why I want to try Sturdy Girls bras. I love the concept of not having to clasp the bra and I am curious of the Wiggle way of putting on the bra.

  69. As a DD+, it’s all about reducing the bounce. But after a hard workout, being able to get the dang thing off is super important too! In unrelated news, what kind of workout can the model in this article POSSIBLY be doing wearing those heels?!

  70. Support is easier to find these days, but the chafing thing is KILLER. I sweat a lot and I run in all weather, so I would love to figure out the mystery to no-chafe. I use glide and everything.

  71. I need to keep EVERYTHING in place. Support…Support Support. I don’t need any extra pain when I start moving this body. Burning thighs, abs, etc. are quite enough for me. Happy Breast…Happy Me 🙂

  72. The No. 1 thing that I look for in a sports bra is support! I’m not huge on top, but big enough that it causes issues when running. 13.1 miles can be pretty rough w/o the right support for the ladies.

  73. I don’t want to bounce around what little bounce I have, so support is key. Hate the bras that dig into my shoulder/neck as well.

  74. Support, support support! I’ve been doubling, tripling up on my sports bras to prevent bouncing, but then they cut off my circulation. Can’t win. Need to get one of yours to try!

  75. Support, moisture wicking (I live in Southern California) and something cute enough to motivate my husband to run with me.

  76. I jog so I look for something with NO BOUNCE. Really don’t care how my girls look when I’m out jogging as long as they DO NOT BOUNCE. Also, I hate a sports bra with underwire – don’t care how many times I’m told it won’t but the underwire ALWAYS ends up poking me. (Pretty obvious, I guess, that I feel VERY STRONGLY about these issues!)

  77. Now that am running,jumping,bending,dancing,sometimes even crawling:( Support and comfort are a must. My legs,thighs, arms and stomach are all that I can take for the pain I experience when I exercise. Happy Healthy CHEST, Happy Healthy ME. 🙂