A Little Bit More Hilarity on That 10K We Did Together…

One of my faves from the bunch. The official Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series photographer snapped these!

I know, I know. We’ve already shared a lot about our recent 10K together. BUT, while we were there in New Jersey and Brooklyn for Brooks Running—the four of us hanging out for the first time in person—I took quite a few photos and some video to document the event. And although we may have all told you how things went and if we reached our goals or not, I wanted to share how it looked going down!

Okay, that sounded really, really bad…so I’ll try again. Click and watch on for more on how our first FBG Retreat and race went!

(Better? I thought so.)

The Photographic Evidence

Photos from the whole weekend, including pics of the littlest Fit Bottomed Dude and Girl in the house, and how we fueled up (and indulged) pre- and post-race. Click here to see them in our Facebook album!

The Video Evidence

Here’s yet more proof that we never, ever take ourselves too seriously. And be sure to watch to the very end. There is THE cutest little surprise.

Yep, we had a blast. Tell me, when you do a race with your friends, do you like to document every last bit of it? Looking back on this a couple of weeks later, I’m really, really glad I did! Especially Kristen busting a move…that stuff is priceless. —Jenn


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