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A Pregnancy Dance Workout to Get You Moving

Dancing is one of my favorite ways to get cardio. Sure, I’m terrible at it, but Zumba and rocking out to bad pop music are great ways to get moving. That’s why I love this workout from Sara Haley, Reebok Global Fitness Trainer. She incorporates lots of moves to benefit your pregnant bod plus ideas for a playlist! Enjoy! 


When I was pregnant (and even when I’m not), one of my favorite ways of staying fit was dancing. Finding ways to feel good while you are working out is key during pregnancy, and let’s face it, the majority of us, even if it’s just in the privacy of our own bedrooms, love dancing around to good music. It gets our hearts pumping, and more importantly, it’s just plain fun. All of which are so important during pregnancy. Here we are in these forever-changing bodies that we have no control over. One of the best ways to enjoy the process is to stay healthy. Dancing will help you stay fit, which ultimately helps you feel sexy, provides some comic relief and keeps you strong during the long nine months.

So here’s my first suggestion: Compile a list of your favorite dance tunes (the ones that would get you up and dancing if you were at the club or at a wedding). See my Mommy-To-Be Playlist below if you need some suggestions. Then put on your favorite lipstick, let your hair down, and let the dance party begin!

Here’s some inspiration to get you started. As always, make sure you have your doctor’s approval.

Pregnancy Dance Workout

pregnancy dance workout1. Stretch your arms and reach for the sky! During pregnancy we get so tight in our chest and shoulders due to our growing bellies. The best thing you can do to counter this is open up your chest and shoulders, so while you’re dancing, throw your hands in the air and reach for the sky, and don’t fake this one. Really go for it—you really need to reach and stretch through your fingertips to get all the benefits. You’ll want to hug your baby closer to your spine as you do this and activate your core. By trying to take the arch out of your back, you can help avoid lower back pain. You can reach both arms up or alternate as shown.

pregnancy dance workout

2. Use those hips. Rocking your hips right to left, front to back and in big circles not only feels fabulous when you are pregnant, but also is actually an effective core workout, as well as great preparation for labor. You want those hips to be open and ready for childbirth, so use them! Freestyle your arms however you want (see above) and shake what your mama gave ya! You can also use this time to practice your kegels. If you’re not sure how to do a kegel, watch here. (They are a MUST for every mommy-to-be.)

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