A Pregnancy Dance Workout to Get You Moving

Pregnancy Dance Workout

pregnancy dance workout

3. Beyonce your heart out! Like I mentioned, use your pregnancy to find some comic relief. Grab your belly, throw your hair to the side, pout those lips and take a Beyonce-walk down the runway. If it’s not enough to give yourself the giggles, find an audience and own that catwalk like you’re Beyonce performing at the Grammy’s.

pregnancy dance workout

4. Use your legs and “Stomp It Out!” Get down (literally) by bending those knees and getting your booty closer to the floor! Begin with your feet together. Step one foot in front of the other (like you are stomping a bug), so you are in a split stance. Your legs should be far enough apart so that your back heel lifts up. Bend your knees and get your lower body down but keep your chest lifted. Then slide the front leg back in. Continue alternating legs. If you want to get your upper body involved a little more, you can imitate the move above by pretending to look at your watch with one arm and row back to your hip with the other, which will also work your back and shoulders.

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  1. Seth Waite says:

    Wow, not sure how I feel about this but then again if I was pregnant and worried about gaining lots of weight I might think about this differently. The video of this has to be great.