7 Ways to Be a Healthy Shopper: Our Active Shopping Guide

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Can you believe I’ve never actually ventured out on a Black Friday? Some people are up at the crack of dawn to score major deals and make a dent in their holiday shopping, but not me. I’ve always said no deal is worth getting up before the sun, not to mention I’ve never wanted to battle the crowds or the lines. But whether you’ll be out and about or you’re waiting until things calm down a bit, here are a few tips to make your holiday shopping sprees as healthy as can be when you do get out there!

7 Tips for Active Shopping

1. Bring the kids. If your kids are young, you’ll want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible, as you never know when the little ones will have a public meltdown or throw a fit because…well, they don’t really need reasons, do they? Speed shop for cardio. Bonus points for pushing a stroller or cart full of kids.

2. Park far away from the entrance. You’ve heard it before, but seriously. Instead of battling for a parking spot by the door, save your sanity and your waistline and park far, far away. You’ll get an extra walk to the store and avoid those crazies who waste 10 minutes driving around looking for a spot when they could have just parked a little farther away in half the time. (Personal pet peeve…)

3. Walk local. If you have a walkable neighborhood like I do, do some of your shopping locally. You’ll avoid too-full parking lots altogether and get a brisk walk and fresh air while you check items off your to-do list.

4. Avoid the food court. Map out your shopping trip so that you can avoid the temptation of ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls and super-giant holiday-flavored coffees. Bring a healthy snack to munch on to avoid that famished FEED ME moment. And if you’re going to splurge, try to split a treat with a shopping buddy.

5. Mall laps. Take advantage of the climate control and do a few mall laps before you get burdened with shopping bags. Bonus: You can scope out the sales and formulate a strategy while you’re walking.

6. Isometric idling. Standing in line for Saint Nick? Waiting to check out? Try some isometric moves to tone your core. No one will ever know if you’re working those abs or doing your Kegels.

7. Take the stairs. Avoid those elevators and escalators if there are stairs available. Shopping bags will give you added resistance.

Who said shopping can’t be a workout? What tips do you have for adding a little health to your holiday shopping? —Erin

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  1. Haha I love the idea of doing isometric core workouts in a queue, I’d never thought of that! I’ll have to start that next time, as for the others, I make sure I always take the stairs, I sometimes even run to beat friends when they take the escalator!