Brooks Running Has Us Covered and Layered for Fall


Tish, rocking the Women’s Nightlife Jacket III . Her look pretty much says it all.

One of the best parts of being a blog ambassador to Brooks Running? Well, besides getting to all gather to run our recent 10K? The ability to review lots of fab new products! Read on for our honest to goodness feedback and thoughts on some of this rockin’ company’s new apparel that’s perfect for fall! And, again, Tish and I tag-teamed this review. Tish shares her thoughts on the new Nightlife Jacket III and the Infiniti Capri II, and I give you the real deal on the Infiniti Tight II. Sing it with us now…tag team, back again, check it, direct it, let’s begin…

Women’s Nightlife Jacket III

Note: Jenn got this awesome jacket, too, BUT I am lover of all things green so she graciously let me gab about this. Yes, a color can totally sway my opinion on fitness gear. I’m easy; a large part of my opinion on a piece is based on its aesthetics appeal. Its functionality is important, too, so the Nightlife jacket gets two enthusiastic thumbs up. I love that Brooks creates gear for specific running conditions. This green light-weight wind-breaker is meant for 40 to 65 degree weather and is excellent for rainy days. Jenn loves to put this over a short-sleeved dri-fit T. I love the “be seen” aspects. First of all it’s green. Second, there is some really clever reflectivity on the jacket. The flaps you can pull down on the side made me happier than I’m comfortable admitting. Here’s the rub: it’s $115 which makes me gasp for air (is green supposed to hint that it’s money?!) BUT if you live in a rainy climate like Seattle it may be just the right investment for you.

Women’s Infiniti Tight II

I’d been looking for some new running tights that were high-quality and gray (a girl can only have so many pairs of black ones, ya know?), and these fit the bill. With a really cool pattern of lines and a metallic gray color, these tights were a welcome addition to my fall-running wardrobe. Soft and supportive (read: tight but not make-you-feel-like-a-sausage tight), these feel good going on.

They have a wide waistband that’s flattering, a key pocket for convenience and fold-up or down leg cuffs to fit your leg and how much ankle you want to show (ooh la la). For $75, they’re definitely quality. My only rub with them? On me and my body type at least (more apple than pear), they tended to ride down as I was running. They never got to the plumber-crack state, but I kept thinking that they were—which is really just as bad, no? Regardless, wear them with a longer top just in cases.

Women’s Infiniti Capri II

Oh, I have so much more to learn. Here I went and thought all capri pants were equal, but boy was I wrong! I’ve tried a lot of capri pants in my day, but one thing I’ve learned is capri doesn’t necessarily always mean “running.” I have some fun and pretty stuff, but once I start moving, I experience MC Hammer Pants Syndrome. Everything starts sagging down and it’s annoying as heck. Then came good ole Brooks with their Infiniti Capri II and POOF! A capri pant made for runners—big difference. I need a pant that’s snug, but doesn’t choke the life out of my belly region. I want it to hug my legs without making me feel like a stuffed sausage. (I hate compression anything!) The capris are built for 40- to 65-degree weather, which rocks. If I don’t have to pull out the pants and tights I’m happy. Overall, I dig them. They’re my go-to pant for all runs, which means I’m washing them a lot. I’m a capri junkie for these.


Pretty good stuff, eh? Just wait until you see what we review next month from Brooks Running. Three words: pony-tail exit. Oh, the excitement! —Jenn & Tish 



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