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Less Light Got You Down? A Fall Playlist to Pump Your Workout Up!

Fitness Woman Preparing For A City RunIf it didn’t feel like fall, it sure does now. The leaves are down up in these parts, it’s dark earlier due to the time change, and, well, it’s cold out! All of these things can make getting out to the gym or the jogging trail just a little bit harder. So we’ve created a fun 32-minute fall playlist for your next workout. Plug it in and jam out the next time you need that boost to get out and move it, move it!

A Fall Playlist for Your Next Workout

1. (8:57) November Rain, Guns N’ Roses. Okay, so this is a looong song. But that’s okay because you can use it as both a warm-up and a chance to pick up your pace. So starting at a slow pace (walk, not a jog), let Axl get you moving to the November beats. Then, about five minutes in, start to pick that pace up (switching to a jog if you plan to run).

2. (5:05) Undone—Sweater Song, Weezer. So this song isn’t exactly about fall, but it involves sweaters, which makes us think of fall. So cozy up in your favorite warm-workout outfit and get to sweating (sweater, sweating…so many parallels!). Use this song to keep picking up your pace. We want you really warm and moving for the next track!

3. (3:05) Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, White Stripes. This track by the White Stripes is a quick one—so make the most of it. Pick up your pace again (I know, again), ending the song at a full-out sprint. This playlist is only 30 minutes, so we gotta make the most of it!

4. (4:01) Mr. November, The National. Take things down a notch (to a slow jog or fast walk) with this song. You want to keep your heart rate up, but this is your recovery song so enjoy the slight break!

5. (3:48) Last Dance, The Raveonettes. November is kind of the last dance for fall (plus, it’s a funny girlie one), so we had to include this track! For this one, start picking that pace up again, so that you’re working hard, but not all out.

6. (3:27) Gone Till November, Wyclef Jean. Not only does this song talk about November, but it also talks about running. Perfect? We think so! Keep your pace up and steady for the first minute, a little faster for the second minute, even faster for the third minute and then a full-out sprint for the last 27 seconds. Get gone, girl!

7. (3:50) Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season), The Byrds. You made it! Turn over a new leaf and pat yourself on the butt for a workout well done during this song. Then cool it on down with a light jog or walk.

Yep, fall is a pretty rad time to work out. Get out and enjoy it! What are a few of the songs you’d add to our fall playlist? —Jenn 

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