MODA by Sofia: Finally, Plus-Sized Workout Apparel That Fits


The MODAperformance Workout Tank may be pricey, but you can’t beat the fit and look.

It’s always been difficult to find workout clothes that fit; as a triathlete—I’ve got shoulders like Michael Phelps and cyclist’s thighs that put me in the running for “Honorary Kardashian.” If it fits my chest, it’s too short on my torso. If it fits my waist, it’s too short at the ankle.

You’ve probably experienced this, too—shorts that gap in the back when you squat down, a pair of yoga pants that give you camel toe or a tank top with built-in armpit chafing. Though we’re not looking for couture when trying on workout clothes, certainly it shouldn’t be this hard to find something that fits and keeps us comfortable while getting our sweat on. Right?

Roots in…Jazzercise?

That very frustration is what led Susan Jentzsch to develop her own line of workout clothes. When she contacted me about her product, MODA by Sofia, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical of the owner’s background: Jentzsch is a Jazzercise instructor. The title conjured up images of 80s leotards and legwarmers—surely her clothes would follow suit.

But while visiting MODA’s website to check out the line, I was pleasantly surprised—there were no sparkly Spandex tights to be found. Better yet, it was obvious Jentzsch knew a thing or two about creating clothes for real women.

“Typically fitness clothing manufacturers design for someone who is 5-foot-3-inches and weighs 100 pounds,” its says on MODA’s website. “Those same designers think if they make it wider, it will fit a bigger person. This is not always true.”

Finally, it seemed, someone understood what women have been saying all along!

The MODA brand has two sizing lines: MODA, designed for women with curves, and MODITA, which is tailored to a more slender frame. All sizes feature wide shoulder straps, tailoring for athletic women and longer lengths (the shirts, for example are two inches longer than standard workout tops!).

The fabric used in the clothing, called Supplex, inspired more than one Linda Richman moment (“it’s like buttah!”). It’s soft, supple and stretchy. It’s so luxurious, you almost feel guilty for sweating in it…almost.

After being tested by a variety of women sizes four to 14, here’s the verdict…


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  1. I always splurge on workout wear that offers cooling technology. I have sensitive skin and if I do not have a fan directed at me, then I break out in a heat rash! I have to keep cool while working out ;o)

  2. No muffin top, no plumber’s crack when you do squats, AND not too conforming(wink)? Thats worth the price!

  3. I splurge on stuff that I LOVE. It needs to feel good, and make me feel like a rockstar even when I’m having a fat day! We are getting ready to move, and as part of that process, I purged a bunch of workout clothes that did not make me feel good when I was wearing them, or that were flimsy & crappy quality. It was a good reminder not to buy something just because I can get it on. I would love love love those pants!! I’ve worn my favorite pair of black yoga pants (shout out to BROOKS!!) for several years, nearly every day (after work), and they will probably wear out very soon. 🙂

  4. Workout wear is the one place I don’t mind spending extra. The most important thing is comfort–clothes must stay in place (fit well and move with me), wick away sweat and dry quickly. Durability matters–nothing coming apart at the seams during a long run or hot yoga session. For running, I always wear a separate running bra for encapsulating support; for hot yoga and summer cycling wear, a reasonably flattering, not binding, built-in bra is a plus. Of course, I like to look nice in my workout wear, so a flattering cut and nice color matter as well.

  5. If I’m being really honest, I don’t usually splurge on workout wear. If I were to, though it would quality of fabric and fit. Moda looks like an amazing brand!

  6. A sale, a really good sale is what makes me splurge (aka buy at all) workout clothes. Of course I get higher quality, but that doesn’t mean I have the funds regardless of the value.

  7. I don’t usually splurge because it’s so hard to find things that fit. Adidas has been the only company I have found that even has a shirt long enough to cover everything, and it still has to be pulled down while working out.
    Now a boob-proof shirt I would DEFINITELY splurge for.

  8. I don’t really splurge on workout clothes per say. I will splurge on my sports bras cause I need that support more than I need fancy workout clothes.

  9. Honestly, I rarely splurge on workout clothes. I try to find deals at Kohl’s or the sale rack at Lucy. I think a good quality sports bra and bottoms that fit are the two pieces to spend a little more on. This line looks fantastic!

  10. I splurge on workout clothes that fit right. I need to feel comfortable and confident in my clothes – workout or otherwise – and a proper fit is so important to making me feel that way.

  11. I don’t splurge on workout clothes unless I have to which is more often than I want. Being a plus-sized women it is what one has to do. There are no clothes out there that are “cheap” in the workout realm. Most plus size clothing are always labeled more $$ than their smaller sizes. Reading this article I was excited that there may be something that I can purchase that would fit me comfortably. I was disappointed when I went to the website and found that the sizing only goes up to 16. This is clearly clothing for women who are curvy rather than women who are actually plus sized. 🙁

  12. I rarely splurge on myself for anything. I usually put my daughter and hubby first, but lately, I’ve tried to make a real commitment to living a healthier lifestyle by eating healthier and working out. I feel that if I don’t take care of myself, it won’t be good for my family in the long run. At this point in my life, I’m willing to splurge on things that help me become a healthier, better me. My splurges lately include organic, unprocessed foods, quality me-time, and fitness related things.

  13. After too many issues when combining high impact dance cardio with cheaper yoga pants (I hate having to yank the pants up while trying to keep up) I purchased some pricier workout wear and now the older yoga pants never get any service.

  14. I hate to complain but size 14 isn’t plus size in my book. There are some great places on-line that sell larger than size 14 active wear that is good quality.

  15. If this were available in actual Plus-sizes I would be very interested. However, they only go up to a 14 which is rather disappointing as that is the beginning of plus-sizes. I am hoping that you FBG ladies will review some ACTUAL plus size work-out clothing as the Moda options are NOT plus-sized.

  16. Splurge for comfort and confidence: it has to be comfortable to do anything in and I have to be confident that it’s not going to move in the wrong places or out of the right places or irritate my skin.

  17. I am so frugal but willing to pay extra if the garment does what it says, solves my problem and lasts a reasonable amount of time. If something cheaper doesn’t last, I haven’t saved money (learned the hard way). Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Material that wicks is one of the main features I check for. And a really good fit that i feel comfortable wearing.

  19. Something that doesn’t “show off” the bulges I’m trying to get rid of! It has to hold me in and up a little bit! 😉

  20. Comfort and fit are most important. If you aren’t comfortable, you aren’t going to want to work out.

  21. After buying el cheapo for many years, I bought a pair of Lucy pants and was given a pair of Nike pants (both similar in style and cut). I have say spending the extra cash on the Lucy pants was well worth it. I didn’t realize I wasn’t supposed to dry my dry-fit clothes in the dry. DOH! Overtime, my Nike pants have shrunk while the Lucy pants (I’ve had them for over 4 years now), have not – they even keep their shape after a hard workout or run.

    So even though I still wince at spending $60-90 on workout pants, I’d rather spend it on quality that will last even if I make a mistake in the laundry or through normal wear and tear (yeah, I’ve ripped those Nike pants too on a bike spoke).


  23. I love these and yea they are pricey, BUT one you are worth it and two the fit and quality are amazing. I bought one originally and fell so in love with it I went had to call to get one in every color before going out of the country for 5 months. I would wear a tank , pants and then spice it up with a scarf and jewelry, then workout at lunch and I had NO excuses…. These clothes wouldn’t smell and you couldn’t tell I had worked out. At first I thought I would have to change…and packed a gym bag…not necessary.

    Buy one…in the set…you will love it.

    Plus my 13yo daughter who wears a ladies 12 pant and 38d, looks great in them. They are comfortable and her bottom stays covered when she sits. If I bought them for her you know they are worth it. She was afraid to ask me for more than one top, because of the price, but because they fit to her size so well I made it happen.

    You won’t be disappointed.

  24. I’d be LUCKY to find plus sized tank tops that chafed the arm pit! I keep finding ones where the arm hole goes almost down to my waist! I’m short, with a short waist to crotch ratio. I’m “well-endowed” but all my shirts are too short in the front. Almost like they don’t take into account that my bust is gonna take up several inches in the FRONT, not the BACK, where all the length seems to be. And the racer back sports bras ALWAYS pinch several nerves in my neck, leaving me with the mother of all headaches. How in the name of Jillian Freakin Michaels am I supposed to work out if I’m constantly pulling UP my pants, pulling DOWN my shirts and yanking bra straps off to the sides so I can function? And, sorry, size 14 ain’t gonna cut it. Thanks anyway!