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Two-a-Days: Not Just for Football Players Anymore

twoadaysI’ve noticed something interesting lately. If it comes to light that I’ve done a 90-minute workout, nobody really bats an eye. I mean, we don’t all want to spend 90 minutes at the gym every day or anything, but it’s not something that really turns a lot of heads.

However, if I do part of that workout in the morning and the other half at night, all of a sudden I get a bunch responses along the lines of, “Holy cow. Are you doing two-a-days now?”

Here’s the thing. In doing my triathlon training, I have some days on the schedule where I try to get in a couple of things. If it’s, say, a bike-to-run brick, that’s something I want to do all at once because the point is to get my legs used to running after being on the bike. But, if I’m doing a swim or a run and some strength work or Pilates, it might work better for me to get part of it done before work and fit in the rest right before dinner. Shoot, even if I’m trying to get some running distance in during the week, doing a few miles in the morning and then some speedwork at night can be a really helpful solution.

I honestly don’t see this setup as any more hardcore than, say, getting up early to hit a Spin class or making a point to get in a long run on the weekends. It’s just a matter of being dedicated enough to make sure you’re getting the things done that you want to get done, you know?

Have you ever worked two-a-day workouts into your schedule? Were you training for something, or was it just a matter of fitting the workouts you like into the time available? —Kristen

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