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Here and There: A Tour of FBG Tish’s Writing and Work Spaces

For this round of Question of the Week, we are going super behind the scenes of FBG with a little tour (via photos or video) of each FBG’s writing and work space. Large or small, in need of cleaning or not, it’s—as they say on MTV Cribs—where the “magic” happens! So read and watch as we answer the question: “What does your work space look like?”


Notice that I wrote writing and work spaces. For my full-time job, I work from home so I’ve got a cute and cozy spot downstairs dedicated to that lovely job. This is where I keep all of the products I’ll review for FBG, so I find myself coming down here occasionally and writing here, too.

work space

On this wall is where I’ve placed all my fun things. Like Jenn, I have a dream board as well as my framed marathon medal. (Still one of my favorite “art” pieces!)

marathon medals

But for the most part, I write upstairs in my living room. You’d assume having a dedicated work environment would make me more productive, but I like having noise, so I usually have the television on or some music playing.

living room workspace

And that’s my work space in a couple of nutshells. What about you? Do you like to do your thug thizzle in a dedicated work space or do you prefer random chaos? —Tish

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  1. Love it! I really like seeing where other people work and write. I tend to like the chaos too so I am usually writing where everyone is and with the tv or music on. I enjoy that more than a super productive quiet type atmosphere, at least for blogging.

  2. FBG Tish says:

    I like your style Mary! 😉

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