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EBoostYou know how it’s the season for sniffles and sneezes? Well, it’s also the season for running yourself ragged—shopping here, going to parties there and probably missing a few zzzs and trips to the gym. So when EBOOST, an all-natural vitamin-infused drink that purports to provide a good-for-you energy boost, asked if we wanted to try it, I was all, like, “EBOOST me up, Scotty!” And they were all, like, “You’ve been EBOOSTED!” (Okay, so it didn’t happen exactly like that, but that’s a far more interesting way of saying they sent us product, no?)

So in the mail we received an EBOOST Sampler Pack with an Orange Packet, a Pink Lemonade Packet, an Acai Pomegranate Packet and a Super Berry Natural Energy Shot. Now these EBOOSTs are touted by people we respect (and adore!) like Jillian Michaels, Giuliana Rancic and Heidi Klum, so we had high hopes—despite the fact that we generally don’t dig on the energy-boost-supplement-thingies. First off, these do have a pretty good ingredient list compared to other energy drinks—there are lots of words that you can pronounce like blueberry puree and green tea leaf. So, we definitely dig that. Next, these are full of vitamin D, C, B12 and a whole grip of others. And third, they’re low-cal with five to 20 calories per EBOOST, depending on which one you drink, and contain no added sugar or anything artificial. We dig all that, too.

What we didn’t fully dig on though? The taste. These are pretty darn tart, and they definitely taste a little vitamin-y. However, would we rather them have a bunch of sugar or artificial stuff to make them taste better? Nope. So there’s that. And then there’s the matter of if they really work or not. For me, they all seemed to perk me up a little bit. That’s probably due to the 150 milligrams of caffeine in them, but it was also kind of nice to drink your vitamins instead of popping a pill. And, tart as it was, I could see the Orange Packet flavor growing on me. While the Superberry Natural Energy Shot was the least-appealing taste-wise of the group, I felt like it gave me the biggest EBOOST of them all. I definitely got some energy and focus for the few hours after drinking it, and I didn’t feel like I crashed from it either. Score one for EBOOST.

As we always say, we’d of course prefer to get our nutrition from real, whole foods, but these aren’t too shabby if you do need a boost and want it to be a natural one. Anyone else ever tried EBOOST? Using them to get you through the busy holiday season? —Jenn

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  1. Going to have to give them a try – although I would rather eat my nutrients, there are times when you just can’t. And with the chaos of the holidays you need all the nutrients you can get!