This Lends Itself Nicely to a New Year’s Resolution, No?

For this round of Question of the Week, we are going super behind the scenes of FBG with a little tour (via photos or video) of each FBG’s writing and work space. Large or small, in need of cleaning or not, it’s—as they say on MTV Cribs—where the “magic” happens! So read and watch as we answer the question: “What does your work space look like?”

You know, I was going to clean my office before I did The Grand Tour, but I’m nothing if not honest. And lazy. And without spare time. So you get the real, true deal of what my working quarters look like. Holy hell, is it a disaster.

erin office

The work station/disaster area.

office changing table

What office is complete without a changing table?

Maybe to the untrained eye, this doesn’t look so bad. But let’s take a closer look, shall we?

office marti

“Just making myself comfortable.”

Here we’ve got three notable items. 1) The pug. She sits behind me, and I work around her, 2) my snack plate with hummus remaining on it (I had just eaten it, so it’s not like it had been there for days, although that is not outside the realm of possibility) and, 3) my laptop computer, which has a screen that been burned out for months. Replacing that soon.


Cue panic attack.

Here is where things start getting disastrous. That stack to the left? All work-related DVDs and items to file, schedule and/or review. The bottom left? A stack of stickers for the kiddo. On the shelf? Tons of DVDs I’ve reviewed or plan to review. Some flavored water. A copy of Hot (Sweaty) Mamas. Personal mail.


Drowning in diapers.

Diapers everywhere. A piano keyboard. The box for the Christmas tree. It certainly isn’t glamorous. But it lends itself nicely to a New Year’s resolution. And now that I’m planning to put the kids in daycare a couple of days a week, I should be able to have the time and hopefully the energy to take back a little control of my work space. And my inbox. And my to-do list.

How’s your office? Clean as a whistle or in need of organization? —Erin

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  1. Adam Burke says:

    My office looks about the same if it is any consolation! Minus the pug of course, but he is cute.