All By Myself (and That’s Just Fine)

Solo585I write a lot about how often I work out with other people. I take swim classes, I go on group runs, I’ve even joined in on some group bike rides (which is a new and slightly scary experience for me). Even when I work out at home, much of the time my husband can be talked into running or doing a yoga DVD with me.

I firmly stand by my declaration that making workouts social helps to make them stick, but lately, I’ve gotten in a few solo workouts, and it reminded me of the value in those. Last night, it was cold and drizzling after a chilly, rainy day, but I needed to get in a run. I laced up my shoes, layered up, leashed up the dogs and hit the road. Well, in my neighborhood, anyway.

I ran alone (save for the canine companions, who don’t talk much), and because it was so wet out, I left my iPod at home. I just put one foot in front of the other with very little attention paid to the distance or the time or my heart rate or anything. I wasn’t trying to keep up with anyone. I wasn’t running away from anything. I just did my thing and let my mind wander, but focused on keeping my thoughts positive and uplifting.

It was kind of great.

Jogging for 45 minutes, alone with my thoughts, isn’t likely to turn into my idea of a perfect workout (or even a particularly fun time, for that matter). But for some reason, it seemed to be just what I needed (although I wouldn’t have minded a little help on doggie doo duty—really, Hollie? You have to poop three separate times on one run?).

Do you tend toward the group workouts, or are you a solo exerciser? Or do you, like me, fall somewhere in between, acknowledging the benefits of both? —Kristen

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  1. My dog and I run/walk together all the time. We do not listen to music. The phone comes with us to track our progress and for emergency situations. So During this time, we watch the people, Fiona (the dog) chases ducks, and we simply enjoy the outdoors without any media-type interruptions. It is nice to make time to unplug during the week….and get a work out in too!

  2. I love group fitness for cardio classes (Zumba, TurboKick, etc.), pilates, and yoga. Group strength training classes are also fun and encourage you to kick it up a knotch. I prefer to run on my own as I have different goals from my friends (faster than me) and my husband (wants to sprint and only do short distances).

  3. It’s interesting how you always seem to exercise with others, where I’m the complete opposite. I haven’t found any or even searched for any exercise buddies, I’m completely content with doing everything myself, although I don’t know much different..

    For me, running alone is such a great thinking time, I seem to come up with all sorts of solutions when I’m running, which is great for me!

  4. Hi Kristen, Its interesting looking at people working out together. I work out alone cause I enjoy the peace and find I can clear my mind from all the pressures and goings on in my day. You know what its like kids, husband, work….etc. I guess working out alone for me is my time alone. My time just for me.

  5. I hardly ever workout with someone else. I like to get my workout done without comparing myself (sometimes I do go to classes) and working out with someone else holds me up. At the same time, when I go hiking, I go with someone else because they push me.

  6. I solo exercise also. I read while walking on the treadmill and then I do my Tone It Up workout. In the warmer weather I walk outside with DH. Winter it’s totally solo because we can’t hold hands on the treadmill. 😉