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all day energyAs a young’un, I remember reading somewhere that there are no coincidences. Everything’s put in our life for a reason. I’m not here to preach some philosophical, mind-bending thought, but I personally believe it to be true. It’s so odd, but I swear, recently, all I could talk about was energy this and energy that. I was constantly sad, down and out asking doctor after doctor what had zapped my energy with no answer in sight. Then, this little book, All-Day Energy: 100 Ways to Boost Your Energy…Now! by Syd Hoffman, came along and I smiled and giggled to myself.

Of course the Universe would send me this book to review. Because I needed it! There are no accidents. When you ask for something and then get it, pay attention! So I paid attention and cracked the book open. So glad I did.

This isn’t War and Peace, folks. It’s a simple book with lovely ideas on how you can hold on to some of the energy you may be lacking. The rundown: Each page features a tip to boost your batteries, where you can find more inspiration related to that tip and a daily affirmation. They’re sweet ideas and fun, actually. For instance, energizing idea No.1 advises the reader to sleep like a baby. After reading the helpful information about how one goes about sleeping more baby-like, I decided I could indeed do that.

The author said I should share my abundant energy with everyone I meet along my energetic journey, so right after I finish writing this, I plan on holding a challenge with my fella. We’ll try to do every idea in the book this year. While we don’t plan on taking scientific notes to measure our levels of energy, I’m pretty sure we’ll still have fun and gain some good energetic gusto. Doing such positive things can only lead to good, no?

I’m glad I found this book at the beginning of the New Year. I plan to share this one with loved ones. It’s just one of those sweet gifts that keep on giving.

How is your energy? Have any tried and true ideas for getting it back? I’m up for new ideas! —Tish

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  1. Right?! I want to set up secret cameras around my place of employement and watch all the funny ways people start to nod off.