Take an “Active Recovery Day”

bigstock-Business-woman-stretching-her--49023767-140917jwToday’s tip is all about what you do when you’re not working out. Or, more appropriately, how you can still take an off day without sitting on your rear all day. That’s right—in today’s video we’re talking about the joys of active recovery days! (Assuming, you know, that you’re not doing something silly like overtraining or overexercising.)

Oh, and be sure to catch the cameo of my pup. She was obviously bored as I yammered on, but gives quite the funny/confused look when I mention her. Gotta love dogs…they’re the best workout buddies!

How do you spend your off days from the gym? Will you turn them into “active recovery days,” too? —Jenn


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  1. Love this tip – good reminder to still get moving on a rest day. By the way, your dog is so cute! She looks like a sweetheart 🙂