FlipBelt: A Sleek and Bounce-Free Way to Carry Your Stuff During Workouts!

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File this in “Why didn’t we think of that?” Because, seriously, the idea of the FlipBelt is so simple but so darn awesome.

We all struggle with where to put our keys and our phone and our ID and our credit card and our iPod when working out. And there are  plenty of things out there on the market that help with it—an inventive key pocket here or a hydration belt there–but we’ve found that none of them seem to do the full job. They either hold too little or are too bulky. Or, worse yet, they chafe, feel uncomfortable or resemble a fanny pack. And no one likes the fanny pack look. But the FlipBelt? It kind of fixes all that. (And, yes, this is a sponsored post, but we wouldn’t take it on unless we really felt this way!)

You can carry all your fit essentials with the FlipBelt: ID, cash, phone, iPod, keys and a credit card—even an inhaler or EpiPen if you need one! And you carry it without even really realizing it’s there. In a simple yet nice polyester-spandex belt (think of the stuff your nice workout capris are made of), the FlipBelt has little pockets that allow you to slide in your must-haves, flip over the belt so that said goodies are “locked,” and then you go about your business of fitness. Because the FlipBelt comes in customized sizes and has no fasteners to cause chafing, the belt doesn’t ride up or down, and it easily fits over your workout bottoms, whether those are pants, shorts or capris. Oh, and the FlipBelts come in fun shades, so they can add a fun pop of color to your look. I have one in black and one in bright pink, so that I can either have it blend in with my look—or show it off.

A few other things we love about the FlipBelt? It doesn’t do that annoying bounce thing that so many hydration belts do when you run, and it’s MACHINE WASHABLE, tumble dry low. So no matter how sweaty you get, you can keep it looking and smelling fresh. Although, you probably won’t have to throw it in the wash much as the fabric is also odor-resistant and anti-bacterial. Oh, and ladies, the FlipBelt is also pilling resistant. Love that!

So, even though we didn’t think of it, we sure are glad the people at FlipBelt did. Because it’s an exerciser’s must-have!

Want to get one for yourself? Check out its website to order. Right now, they’re giving all FBG readers free shipping when you use the code “FBG303” at checkout. Woot! —Jenn

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  1. Good question, Janine! I haven’t used the SpiBelt a lot, but similar type products that go around the hips like that have always bounced for me or not held enough of my necessities. This one certainly fixes that issue!

    —FBG Jenn