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Gettin’ Nutty With It: 3 Raw and Vegan Snacks to Try

raw-snacks-585This morning I heard “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” on the radio. And, yes, I totally car-danced and probably embarrassed anyone who saw me. But, in addition to having a great time, it also inspired this title. Which we think is a nice change of pace from the obvious nut jokes just waiting to be made. So read on for three companies that are making nutty treats that are delicious, raw, vegan and make for a perfect healthy snack. So…sing it with us now: Get nutty with it!


If you have a soft spot for (or from, haha) Nutella, take note: Rawmio is a lifesaver. Stone ground to help preserve as many living enzymes and nutrients as possible, these little jars of heaven combine raw almonds or hazelnuts with cacao nibs and coconut crystals for a wickedly tasty, smooth dark chocolate spread. Rich and delicious without being overly sweet, these just taste luxurious. While they’re all good, we especially dig the Hazelnut Silk, which adds coconut and cacao butter for an addictive milky flavor. It’s definitely worth going nuts over!

sunbioticsSunBiotics Almonds

Probiotics are all the rage these days, and here’s a new way to get your daily dose: SunBiotics Organic Gourmet Probiotic Almonds! Created by putting organic almonds through a special process of sprouting/germinating and then low-temperature drying, they are then coated with probiotics—an amount equivalent to 8 billion CFU per packet. All this makes for a yummy, probiotic-enhanced, raw, vegan and organic treat. And they come in four subtle flavors—Cheesy, Truffle Salted, Chocolate and Original—that really let the almond shine. Our top picks? Truffle Salted and Chocolate. Simply a perfect way to fuel and have a healthy belly when you’re on the go!

dastony-buttersDastony Butters

Never heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, these Dastony raw nut and seed butters are organic, raw, stone-ground and amazingly delicious and fresh tasting. More savory than sweet, these are filled with healthy fats that’ll turn your snack time into uber-nutrition time. The Sesame Seed Butter (Tahini) makes for an amazing hummus base, the Almond Butter is incredibly smooth and just a touch sweet, and the Coconut Butter is worth writing love poetry about. Rich, thick and creamy, it’s your usual coconut butter on a whole other level!
What products, butters and snacks have you getting nutty with it? Do tell! —Jenn

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