Starting Living Your Fit Bottomed Life This Sunday!

fbg-lifeWe’ve been talking about it for months and now it’s finally almost here: our FBG Life Winter Weight-Loss Program! Classes start this Sunday morning (they’ll usually be held in the evenings, but the darn The Biggest Loser premiere caused us to push it up a few hours), and we couldn’t be more pumped.

There is no better privilege than being able to help others get fit and healthier, so we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to teach this eight-week weight-loss and group coaching program and help you to truly live the Fit Bottomed Life inside and out. You can get all the details here and register here, but just know that we are ready to help you bring it to make your 2013 your best and healthiest yet. Just check out how other readers have changed their lives with our interactive online programs here.

So let’s do this! See you all in class for what’ll be a fun and life-changing experience! —Jenn


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