The I-Don’t-Have-Time-to-Exercise Workout

The No. 1 reason people say that they don’t work out? “I don’t have time to exercise!” And to that, we say hogwash! We’re all busy, but it is possible to squeeze in little bits of activity here and there, whether it’s before you head out the door to work, over your lunch break or even when you’re waiting for dinner to cook. That’s why today for New Year New Rear Week, we’re highlighting a super quick yet effective workout from one of our fave online trainers Amanda Russell!

Do this workout when you don’t have time to exercise or anytime you need a little pick-me-up happy-endorphin energy burst! You don’t need any equipment for it, and she shows modifications to make the moves work for all exercise levels. Try it today—right now, in fact!

We like how it’s just 10 reps of everything, but still super challenging. Those one-armed tricep dips and the plank? Oh, my! What’s your favorite workout to do when you say you “don’t have time to exercise”? Share it! —Jenn

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  1. Ivori says:

    Have you heard of Blogilaties ?

  2. I think most people make the mistake of believing that to derive benefits from exercise we all need to be doing 60 minute workouts. In fact grabbing just 10 minutes here and there counts as it all adds up. Eveidence shows that we often work a lot harder when performing shorter workouts, so there really is no more reasons for making excuses of not having enough time. We can all make time.