Wednesday Giveaway: Brooks Running Outfit

brooks-runningThis giveaway is part of New Year New Rear Week, FBG’s annual tradition of starting your New Year off with a fit bang. Get all the special posts and giveaways here!

Another one of the perks of our ongoing relationship with Brooks Running? That we get to share some of the goodies we review with you! Like the latest stuff we fell in love with—the whole outfit!

Yeppers, today’s giveaway is for both the Brooks’ Utopia Thermal Hoodie II and  Utopia Thermal Cozy Pant in the size medium. Ladies, these are two pieces you don’t just want for the winter-running months, you need them. The hoodie has a ponytail exit (we’re still not over the coolness of that), and you’ll never want to take the pants off—even when you’re not running.

To enter to win it, all you have to do is share this link on your favorite social media site (tagging Fit Bottomed Girls if/where you can—links to all of our social channels are just over there to the right). Then, leave a comment with where you shared it! We’ll pick a random U.S. winner in about a week. Winner will be notified via email and in the comments.

Get to sharing—this is a fab one to win! —Jenn

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    New year, new outfit! #giveaway #running https://fitbottomedgirls.com/2013/01/wednesday-giveaway-brooks-running-outfit/#.UORMnus12_0.twitter

  6. lesabotage says:

    I shared it on the ol’ Twitters! Brooks makes amazing gear.

  7. Lizzie says:

    I shared it on twitter!

  8. Channon says:

    I shared it on Twitter @chanknits. I *NEED* this outfit!! My personal trainer – our hyperactive basset hound (yes…) – doesn’t care about wind, rain, sleet or snow. Girl wants to run!

  9. Jeanne S says:

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    I tweeted!! LaurenLynnOB Would love this for my cold NY runs!!

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    Posted on Facebook – looks like a great running outfit to get me out in the cold!! Happy New Year!!

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    I posted on Twitter + Pinterest. This outfit is a necessity!!! My lab doesn’t care how cold it is outside – he just wants to run!!!

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  37. renee says:

    i could so use this workout outfit, i just lost 100lbs yes 100 lbs. and i would love to try on some new stuff! PLEASE

  38. Tiffany Lloyd says:

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  39. Patty says:

    I would love love love this! I need more cold gear (I literally have like 2 things). Ihave been running on the treadmill and really wish I could be outside.

    I shared on Pinterest (pinterest.com/reachyourpeak) and Twitter (@pattyrivas13)


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  43. I shared on Pinterest

    I would love this outfit!

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    I shared on FB! Love Brooks…..great quality!

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    I shared on FB! Would love to win to get myself into running again!

  46. Julie Hubbard says:

    I am sharing on FB, Pinterest and twitter (@jules0125)! I sure hope I win.

  47. Lizzy says:

    Im training for my first marathon in honor of my sister Leah. She died and Ive been heart broken, this race is for her. Id love new running clothes to help motivate me to train.

  48. Missy P says:

    I have shared on FB and on Pinterest. LOVE Brooks! Very loyal fan here!

  49. day says:

    link posted on twitter

    been running in Cuba for the last few years; back
    in the States for awhile and how cool would it be
    to sport this for my first US race?!?!?

  50. Kate says:

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    I sharee on FB but couldn’t tag even though I like your FB page. Sorry about that. Cool giveaway though. LOVE the Brooks outfit!!

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    I shared the giveaway on Twitter (@sooze20miles — link to the tweet here: https://twitter.com/sooze20miles/status/286569212040839168)

    And, congrats to the first comment I could see (#51, Renee) — 100 lbs lost, you definitely deserve some new workout clothes!

  58. Anne W. says:

    I posted it on twitter @waan0401.

  59. Sarah Clay says:

    I run in Michigan… it’s freezing here! I’m always looking for warm gear.

    Shared on Facebook!

  60. Melissa Pang says:

    Pinned to Pinterest! Love it and thank you!

  61. Maggie says:

    Shared on twitter! I’m @mholtg. I’m in Michigan too- Hansen’s running is here and they’re with Brooks too!

  62. Alex Fagundez says:

    I shared on Facebook! I would love to test this outfit out on my morning runs! 🙂

    You ladies rock!

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    Pinned and tweeted! I’ve got my first 10 miler, 1st Half Marathon AND 1st TRIATHLON this year! Could use some great work out gear 🙂

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  71. I just shared this on Twitter. Thank you!

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    I lost 40 pounds and training to run a half marathon so I hope I win these lovely workout clothes.

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    Just shared on FB…could really use this outfit for running in the cold Michigan winters!!!

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    I shared on facebook. I would love to have this outfit

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  91. I posted this to my ~Healthy Gurl~ Facebook site I started to get myself in shape! I really need this outfit. Today’s workout was COOOLD!!! Love the hoodie, and perfect for my ponytail! YEAH!

  92. Awesome giveaway!! I shared on my personal FB, tweeted (@southernfitchic) and shared on my FB fitness page (Simply Southern Fit Chick). Thanks!!

  93. Laura says:

    Shared on FB and Pinterest.
    I love Brooks shoes and have not tried there clothes. I would also love to have some new running clothes. I just completed my 1 st 2 half marathons the last 2 months.

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    I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, but I did forward your email on to my fit friends.

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  105. I have to get this!! I love it!!!

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    I posted it on pinterest and that outfit is absolutely adorable!!

    The link to my pin is

    Wednesday Giveaway: Brooks Running Outfit | fitbottomedgirls.com – http://pinterest.com/pin/358176976584110315/

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  115. Just shared this! https://twitter.com/FrugalBeautiful/status/287032186937409536

    I’m doing my first half marathon this month and the Utopia hoodie is on my wish list!!

  116. day says:

    shared on twitter yesterday-https://twitter.com/oshun99/status/286545507034230784

    been running in Cuba for the last few years and would love to sport this for my first US race–how cool would that be?!?!?

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  129. Pinned & crossing my fingers… or maybe it’s my ponytail I’m crossing? 😉


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    I shared this on my facebook page. I have been watching that top on the Brooks site. I love it and would love to run in it!

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    Facebook and Pinterest! Love my Brooks clothes and pure flow shoes!

  144. Sarah says:

    Shared on Facebook. Pick me! I am so tired of running in nasty old t-shirts and jackets full of holes! The joys of being poor and in school . . . once I’ve invested in quality running shoes there isn’t much left over to spend on cute clothes. : /

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    Face booked n tweeted! Love this giveaway :). Looking forward to reading more on your site! Thanks!!

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    I shared on facebook!! Sweet outfit!

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  148. Jenn says:

    So many entries to this one! The lucky winner is Sarah Clay with comment #74! Emailing you now, lady. Congrats! Thanks to ALL who made this a fantastic giveaway!

    —FBG Jenn

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