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Workout I Did: A Jumping and Deadlift Workout I Love to Hate (in a Good Way)

DeadliftJump585Welcome to a new fun feature on the FBG blogs! Over the last year, we’ve heard from more and more readers that you’d like to know more about what workouts we do. A bit of it is just for curiosity’s sake, but a lot of it is so that when we do a good workout, we can share it and you can try it, too! Now, remember, we’re not giving individualized advice (see your doctor for that!) and—obviously—use your common sense, but here’s a workout we recently did and loved! Read them all and feel the workout love here!

Long ago, I kind of hated jumping. Okay, I really hated jumping. Despite having fairly long legs, I couldn’t jump very far or very high. But, as I’ve learned over the years, the things you dislike the most at the gym are usually the ones you need to work on the most. In my experience “hating” something usually means that you’re not so hot at it. And working on it changes that. So this workout, which involves two things I’m not so hot at—deadlifts and box jumps—is one that I loved. To hate. Which is a good thing. Oh, and full credit where credit is due—this workout came from The Fit Pit!

Workout I Did: Jumps and Deadlifts

First: Start off with three long jump attempts. Jumpas far as you can.

Next: Do a circuit of 50 deadlifts and 50 box jumps—twice. The goal here is to be fast and accurate, so choose a lighter weight (I did just 65 pounds) and pick a box height that allows you to take as few of breaks as possible (I did the standard height box). And, of course, have good form.

Last: Do three more long jump attempts. Be amazed at how—despite having tired legs and being out of breath—you actually can jump farther! (Talk about a cool party trick.)

This workout doesn’t take a long time to do (depending on the weight and height of the box, 15 to 30 minutes), but it’s a great way to burn your legs out and get your heart rate up and going with plyometric training. And while you’ll love this deadlift workout if you love jumping and doing legs, you’ll get even more out of it if you hate doing those things.

Next on my list of things I love to hate? Burpees. Burpees, you will be mine! What workout do you love to hate?  —Jenn

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  1. Physical activity is so important. I like the way you make it fun and encourage people to get out and do it. You are saving health.


  2. Ashley says:

    I too love to hate burpees. They are so hard, but leave you feeling super accomplished. I also love to hate planks!

    1. Jenn says:

      Yes! I think plank is a close second to burpees! 🙂

      –FBG Jenn

  3. Devin says:

    That workout sounds intense. Deadlifts and jumps are both really good for your legs. The best exercise I have found for my legs, I don’t know what it’s called, but you take a bar-bell and put it behind your neck and crouch down. Try to keep your back straight and walk while crouching. You may be restricted by your gym but try and walk 15 feet or so, and back. Repeat three times. This activates every single muscle in your legs, especially your glutes.

  4. Thanks for sharing this workout & I’m excited to see more! 🙂 I love to hate jumping lunges.

  5. Serina says:

    They actually don’t have a long jumping section at my gym, but I think I may give this a try at home. I just recently started doing lunges over the last year, and have seen a great improvement in my legs. However, I don’t know if I could complete a full set of dead lifts. Do you know of any modified ways to perform a dead lift for someone just starting out?

  6. DeeDee says:

    I used to hate plyo and bounding work but amazingly as I improved, it became more fun. Deadlifts are my all time favorite exercise. Two legged, one legged, bent legged, stiff legged…don’t care I love ’em.

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