10 Tips to Be Healthy When You Travel

Don't forget your healthy travel gear! Credit: Highways Agency
Don’t forget your healthy travel gear! Credit: Highways Agency

Your bags are packed and ready to go, but wait! Don’t forget your healthy traveling musts and workout know-how! Although it can be tough to keep your health and fitness top of mind when you’re traveling, a change of scenery doesn’t have to mean a total change of your fit routine. That’s why we just had to share these healthy travel tips that Nikki Glor recently shared on Fit Bottomed Mamas! Take it from Nikki: You can be more active anywhere, whether you’re on vacation or traveling for work!

10 Tips for Healthy Travel

1. Double PJs as workout clothes. Pack workout clothes that you can sleep in, then throw on a sports bra and sneakers. A T-shirt or tank can easily do double-duty, saving you precious room in your bag.

2. Get your sneakers to go. Fly or travel wearing your sneakers so that you don’t have to take up suitcase room.

3. Don’t worry about the mat. Buy yoga hand and foot “gloves” so you don’t need to pack a mat, and bring SilverSport antimicrobial towels and clothes that don’t need to be washed.

Keep reading for more healthy travel tips! —Erin

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  1. ” Double PJs as workout clothes. ”

    This is terrible advice! If you’re working out, then you’re sweating all over that shirt. It’s terrible for your skin, not to mention smelly and uncomfortable, to wear that same shirt to bed for 9 hours. Yikes!

  2. Hi Alice! Just to be clear—we recommend sleeping in your PJs and THEN working out in them. Not the other way around. 🙂

    —FBG Jenn