Celeb Trainer Angela Parker Walks FBG Tish Through A Heart-Shaped Workout

Forget the pear-shape, this is a heart-shape workout!
Forget the pear-shape, this is a heart-shape workout!

It’s finally here, folks! Remember when I gave a short teaser about my day with Angela Parker? Well, the workout is officially up—and just in time for Valentine’s Day and Love Yo’Self Week, too. After all, isn’t a heart-shaped workout the perfect way to celebrate a day of love? Love yo’ body!

How would I sum up doing this workout with Angela? Honestly, I was in a trainer-crush daze. I swear the workout kicked my butt, but it was oodles of fun. Angela was just how I imagined she would be: she knows her stuff! She’s got the brains and strategies covered. She’s a great motivator, but kind, too, as you’ll see in the below video. I wasn’t a fan of the couch push-ups, but if anyone could get me to keep going it was going to be her!

I swear sometimes I have to get down on my knees and bow to the fitness gods and tell them I’m not worthy. I may have been sweating, shaking and willing Father Time to hurry on up and let me rest, but I was also enjoying every moment of my day working out with Angela. I’m now trying to find a way to be able to take her morning boot camp classes. The minute my acting life begins and my dances with “The Man” end, I’m signing up!

Have you checked out Angela’s site yet? See any workouts that are screaming your body’s name? Live in the LA area and have taken or are about to embark on one of her workouts? I’d love to hear from fellow Angela luvahs! —Tish


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