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Healthy Eating Secrets From Around the World

You know how we love Bulu Box (remember to use code FBG411 for a free month!)? Well, in addition to little boxes of healthy goodness to try, they also write some pretty rad stuff. So today we’re featuring their healthy eating secrets from around the world! 


While each culture and each individual go about achieving it in different ways, there’s always a universal desire for 100 percent health and happiness. We’ve tapped into Mother Earth and discovered some global tricks we can all benefit from in our quest for health and happiness.

7 Healthy Eating Secrets From Around the World

1. From the Okinawans: Stop Eating Before You Are Full. The Okinawans stop eating at 80 percent full. This little trick is found on an island next to Japan, and it must be working because the average BMI of an Okinawan is 21.5. Stopping at 80 percent full doesn’t mean you’ll leave the table hungry either—putting the fork down earlier will give your brain the time it needs to realize that you may actually already be full. Interested in this way of eating? There’s a book all about it!

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  1. Kowa says:

    The Okinawa way of eating is a great one. Check out Okinawa Life – it is based on those key ingredients.

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