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How to Use Orange Juice: 10 Inventive and Fun Ways

Oranges are delicious to eat and drink on their own, but there are so many other ways to use orange juice, too! Credit: Mikamatto

Oranges are delicious to eat and drink on their own, but there are so many other ways how to use orange juice, too! Credit: Mikamatto

You know how Margo went to that cool Just Add OJ event? Well, besides getting to try some dang tasty healthy eats, she also got some rad tips from TV Chef Claire Robinson on how to use orange juice in all kinds of new and inventive ways. In addition to being totally tasty, we love how simply healthy and clean these ways how to use orange juice are!  

How to Use Orange Juice: 10 Tasty Ways

1. Grilling or roasting. When grilling or roasting meat or vegetables, brush with Florida orange juice to keep moist and give your food an added layer of flavor.
2. Poultry. Add orange juice to the bottom of a pan to help steam and moisten poultry as it roasts. You can also reduce the drippings for a lovely orange-scented gravy.
3. Fish. Poach fish, shrimp or salmon in Florida orange juice and water for a gourmet-tasting meal with little effort.
4. Sauce. Make a quick sauce for almost any dish by pouring Florida orange juice into a pot, bringing it to simmer, and allowing it to naturally thicken as it reduces. Garlic, ginger, jalapeños, sugar, honey or fresh herbs are all nice additions to infuse flavor to a sauce as it reduces to the desired consistency.
5. Dessert glaze. Spruce up a plain cookie or cake with a quick, sweet glaze by adding a splash of Florida orange juice to powdered sugar. It can jazz up last-minute dessert preparations into something spectacular.
6. Fruitful marinades. Simmer honey and Florida orange juice with any desired accompaniments, such as vanilla bean, mint or cinnamon, until the sugar dissolves. Toss seasonal fruit into the flavorful infusion for a delicious meal enhancer.
7. Caramelizing. Typically vinegar or water is used when deglazing the bottom of a pan (scraping up all the yummy brown bits that accumulate when browning and caramelizing). Instead, try using orange juice and allow the slight acidity and natural sweet flavor to deglaze and build upon the flavors in the pan.
8. Beverage accessory. An orange-juice reduction can be an unexpected and refreshing flavor boost in many drinks, such as cold or hot tea, spritzers, mocktails and cocktails. Simply simmer Florida orange juice in a pot until you reach a desired consistency and add the concentrated flavor to your favorite beverage.
9. Shake blast. The bright acidity and slight sweetness of orange juice pops the flavor of so many other ingredients, making it a perfect choice for almost any smoothie or shake concoction.
10. Signature drink. To add a personal touch to your next celebration, assemble a large specialty beverage that stars your favorite liquor with a citrusy dose of Florida orange juice. The prepared cocktail will allow you to spend more time mingling with guests while letting them sip on something refreshing.
A big thanks to Claire and Florida OJ for the how-to-use-OJ tips! Which one will you try first? We have our eye on the signature drink…but you’re not surprised by that, are you? —Jenn

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