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My Fitness Inspiration: Dory the Fish and My Grandma Mary

dory the fish

Just keep swimming! Credit By: hyku

We’re talking fitness inspiration for this week’s Question of the Week! Check back each Friday as each FBG shares which celeb or everyday person inspires her to be fitter!

I have to cheat this week; I apologize. I have two fitness inspirations that give me the umph to get out there. When Jenn and I ran our marathon we kept singing, “Just keep swimming,” to push ourselves to keep going. That lovely mantra came from the ever-wise, all-knowing Dory the Fish from Finding Nemo. I swear Dory may have memory issues, but I think that’s a pretty good defect to have in this line of business. You forget how hard that last workout was. You forget the fatigue and the muscle aches and just keep on swimming. Today, I find myself starting to sing Dory’s dedicated mantra when something gets hard—and it pushes me through.

question of the week, MS, Fit Inspiration

My grandpa and grandma out walking around. She never stays still!

My second and favorite inspirational person is my grandma, Mary. She was diagnosed with MS in her youth, and she uses fitness to help. Ever since I can remember, my gram has woken up at the butt-crack of dawn to go on long walks to keep her muscles good and strong. Over recent years her legs have become stiffer, but she’s still out there trying to be as fit as she can. She does therapy with horses, and she refuses to give up. She’s a fighter and fun-spirited, and she looks at fitness as a way to keep her in the game. I couldn’t be more proud of her. Fitness isn’t a vanity incentive for her; it’s a lifestyle choice that makes it possible for her to walk and have fun with her great grandchildren. Who wouldn’t be inspired by such gumption?!

Does your inspiration come in the celebrity variety or do you get your inspiration from folks who are within reach?  —Tish

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