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My Fitness Inspiration: Going the Cheesy Route

We’re talking fitness inspiration for this week’s Question of the Week! Check back each Friday as each FBG shares which celeb or everyday person inspires her to be fitter!

Seriously, look at Jenn's guns! Credit: The Fit Pit

Seriously, look at Jenn’s guns! Credit: The Fit Pit

I’m totally aware this is going to sound super-duper cheesy. No, my fitness inspiration isn’t as cool as Gwen Stefani. She’s way cooler than that. It’s Jenn! Yeah, I know. It’s way obvious, but it’s also way true. She’s always been a shining light in my workout world…someone who is such a bad-ass that she can climb ropes and do pull-ups. She rips callouses for crying out loud. If that’s not fit-spiration, I don’t know what is.

Back when we carpooling buddies, she’d always keep me accountable. Even though I know she doesn’t judge when one isn’t a workout fanatic, her workout and fitness encouragement still made me push myself to be my best. I know I worked out more because I’d have Jenn to report back to. We did the Self Challenge together, and walked over lunches to get in some cardio. And hello! The one who introduced me to Zumba definitely deserves a place in the Erin Inspiration Hall of Fame, should such a hall of fame exist.

Plus, it was Jenn with her super-encouraging nature that had the first inkling of Fit Bottomed Girls to begin with…and together we’ve helped our readers to find the fun in fitness and to be their healthiest selves. Jenn is that great combination of super-fit chick and totally accessible and real gal. The one who won’t judge if you eat a hot fudge sundae, but also the one who will encourage you to try kale because OMG it is delicious.

She’s seriously the kind of sister friend who makes you want to be a better person, in fitness and in health. Not to mention, she’s been a lifesaver and super understanding and my vent outlet while I’ve been dealing with all the sickness in the world for the last month.

Do you have a kick-ass fitness friend who inspires you? Are you lucky enough to have a Jenn in your life? —Erin

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